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Lead Scientists: Scott Pearson
  Martin Raphael

Ecoregions: Puget Trough, Northwest Coast

Ecological Systems: Not Available for Research Area (Marine Waters)


Photo by Peter Hodum

Common murres on the water


Seabird Ecology

Seabird Population Trends

Project Description

While conducting at-sea surveys for our Marbled Murrelet Population Trends project, we count individuals and groups of most other seabird species observed. Using this line transect sampling method and the program DISTANCE, we will derive estimates of annual population densities for locally nesting species in both the Puget Sound and on the Washington coast. By taking advantage of an ongoing monitoring project, we can start to examine the status of trends of species other than the murrelet and we will be able to put seabird population trends observed in Puget Sound (Salish Sea) in context with the Washington coast. Such comparisons are critical to determining if the trends observed in the Sound are unique to the Sound or part of a larger scale event. Fortunately, we already have 10 years of data to work with!

We anticipate analyzing the data in January 2010 with the goal of summarizing these results in late 2010.