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Hood Canal Complex

Land use in the Hood Canal complex (Little Anderson, Big Beef, Stavis, and Seabeck Creeks) range from urban and residential in Little Anderson Creek to almost entirely forestry in Stavis Creek. In Little Anderson Creek, lack of wood and off-channel habitat have been identified as factors likely constraining salmon production. Seabeck Creek displays evidence of channel incision in some locations and significant amounts of sediment deposition in other channel segments. The incision in this watershed may actually be contributing to low summer flows by reducing groundwater storage. Big Beef Creek has a small impoundment that impacts water temperature downstream and provides habitat for various warm water fishes that may prey on coho and steelhead smolts.

Coho are the focal species for the abundance and survival estimates in these watersheds. When possible, abundance and life history information is also gathered for other species, including steelhead. Coho abundance is estimate at three life history stages. Parr are collected by electrofishing and seining in index reaches during late summer. Smolts are captured in weirs operated during the outmigration period. Adult escapement is enumerated at the Big Beef Creek weir. Spatial distribution and timing of spawning activity is summarized based on spawner surveys on each of the four watersheds.

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Lead Scientists:
Kirk Krueger (Habitat)
Mara Zimmerman (Fish)

Ecoregions: Puget Trough

Ecological Systems: North Pacific Maritime Mesic-Wet Douglas-fir-Western Hemlock Forest, North Pacific Maritime Dry-Mesic Douglas-fir-Western Hemlock Forest, North Pacific Lowland Riparian Forest and Shrubland

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