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Strait of Juan de Fuca Complex

Land use in the Straits of Juan de Fuca complex (West Twin River, East Twin River, and Deep Creek) has been forestry since early in the 20th century. As a result, much of the wood that historically created pools and regulated the movement of sediment and organic matter in these watersheds had been depleted. Wood loss contributed to channel incision at some sites, isolating the floodplain and reducing access to off-channel habitats.

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Strait of Juan de Fuca Complex
Deep Creek Watershed West Twin River Watershed East Twin River Watershed


Lead Scientists:
Kirk Krueger (Habitat)
Mara Zimmerman (Fish)

Ecoregions: Northwest Coast

Ecological Systems: North Pacific Maritime Mesic-Wet Douglas-fir-Western Hemlock Forest, North Pacific Maritime Dry-Mesic Douglas-fir-Western Hemlock Forest, North Pacific Lowland Riparian Forest and Shrubland

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