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Don Kraege, Waterfowl Section Manager


Research Focus
Waterfowl ecology and management, habitat conservation

M.S. Biology, N. Illinois University
B.S. Biology, Purdue University

Contact information:

Don Kraege
Waterfowl Section Manager

Don Kraege has been the WDFW Waterfowl Section Manager since 1983, overseeing all work related to waterfowl management and research. During that time he has coordinated and participated in numerous banding and marking projects throughout the Pacific Flyway, ranging from banding lesser snow geese on Wrangel Island, Russia to banding harlequin ducks in northern Puget Sound. He represents WDFW on several multi-agency, international ,and citizens' committees related to waterfowl, including the Pacific Flyway Study Committee.

Current Research

Selected Publications

  • Kraege, D.K., S. Boyd, and V.V. Baranyuk 2008. Monitoring and management of Wrangel Island lesser snow geese in Washington State, USA, and British Columbia, Canada.  Casarca 11(1): 70-83.
  • Kraege, D.K., R.E. Trost, and B. D. Bales 2004.  Perspectives on Canada goose management in the Pacific Flyway.  Pages 46-50 in T.J. Moser, et al. editors.  Proceedings of the 2003 International Canada Goose Symposium, Madison, Wisconsin, USA.
  • Lewis, J.C., M. Tirhi, and D. Kraege 2003. Band-tailed pigeon (Columba fasciata) in Vol. IV of Management recommendations for Washington’s Priority Species, Birds, ed. E.M. Larson, N. Nordstrom, and J. Azerrad.
  • Pearce, J.M., B. J. Pierson, S.L. Talbot, D.V. Derksen, D.K. Kraege, and K.T. Scribner 2000. A genetic evaluation of morphology used to identify harvested Canada geese. J. Wildlife Management 64: 863-874.
  • Reed, A., M.A. Davison, and D. Kraege 1989. Segregation of brent geese Branta bernicla wintering and staging in Puget Sound and the Strait of Georgia. Wildfowl 40: 22-31.
  • Williams, C. K.,  M.D. Samuel, V.V. Baranyuk, E.G. Cooch, and D.K. Kraege 2008.  Winter fidelity and apparent survival of lesser snow goose populations in the Pacific Flyway.  Journal Of Wildlife Management 72(1):159-167.