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Watson, James, M.S., Wildlife Biologist


Research Focus
Raptor ecology in human landscapes, raptor population dynamics, migration ecology of raptors.

M.S., Montana State University
B.S., University of Colorado

James W. Watson, M.S.
Wildlife Research Scientist

Jim Watson is a Wildlife Research Scientist with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife specializing in statewide raptor studies but including work on Oregon spotted frogs and Washington ground squirrels.  He has spent the past 40 years studying raptors in the western United States and abroad.  His first research experience involved working with a graduate student studying golden eagles in Colorado, followed by research on rough-legged hawks in Idaho, and bald eagles in Oregon.  

Current Research

Selected Publications

  • Efficacy of northern goshawk broadcast surveys in Washington state

  • Watson, J. W., D. W. Stinson, K. R. McAllister, and T. E. Owens.  2002.  Population status of  bald eagles in Washington at the end of the 20th century.  Journal of Raptor Research.  36:161-169.
  • Watson, J. W.  2002.  Comparative home range and food habits of bald eagles nesting in four aquatic habitats in western Washington.  Northwestern Naturalist 83:101-108.
  • Watson, J. W., K. R. McAllister, and D. J. Pierce.  2003.  Home ranges, movements, and habitat selection of Oregon spotted frogs (Rana pretiosa).  Journal of Herpetology  37:64-74.
  • Watson, J. W.  2004.  Responses of nesting bald eagles to experimental pedestrian activity.  Journal of Raptor Research 38:295-304.