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Josh Weinheimer - Puget Sound Juvenile Operations Lead


Research Focus
- Juvenile salmonid freshwater production and limiting factors, Hood Canal Rivers

- Environmental conditions and salmonid populations

B.S., Environmental Science, Western Washington University

Josh Weinheimer
Fisheries Biologist

Josh Weinheimer joined the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife in 2006 as a scientific technician operating a juvenile fish trap in the Green River.  Josh has also been involved with adult spawning ground surveys and creel census work throughout the Puget Sound region.  Currently he works as part of the Wild Salmon Production Evaluation Unit in Olympia, WA. Josh supervises juvenile trapping operations on the Duckabush River and analyzes juvenile salmon and steelhead data from multiple watersheds in Hood Canal. His studies focus on the environmental factors that affect juvenile summer chum during their freshwater life stage.  Josh earned his B.S. in Environmental Science from Western Washington University in 2005.

Current Research

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