Reporting Lost/Missing Shellfish Gear
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CAVEAT and FALSE REPORTING PENALTY CLAUSE:  Reporting your gear lost or stolen does not a guarantee any gear recovered will be returned to you. Additionally, this reporting process does not relieve you of your responsibility to make a diligent effort to retrieve your gear and to abide by the rules for gear construction, marking, and use during lawful seasons.  It is crime to under RCW 77.15.270, to provide false information:  (1) A person is guilty of providing false information regarding fish, shellfish, or wildlife if the person knowingly provides false or misleading information required by any statute or rule to be provided to the department regarding the taking, delivery, possession, transportation, sale, transfer, or any other use of fish, shellfish or wildlife. (2) Providing false information regarding fish, shellfish, or wildlife is a gross misdemeanor.