Presenting the First Annual Bass Week, July 8-14, 2018!   #wabassweek

Cartoon bass going after a lure in between the words Bass and Week

Basstastic tips!

Lake with Mt. Rainier in the background

1000+ Washington lakes
have bass

Angler fishing from a dock

Fish around structures
to catch largemouth bass

Drop shot and lure attached to fishing line laying on a dock

Try drop shotting
for smallmouth bass

Bright green jig next to a silver lure on a dock

Try jigs and spinner
baits for greater success

Watch video for bass fishing tactics and tips

For license dealer locations, or to purchase your license online, visit

Check us out on social media July 8-14, as we celebrate Washington bass fishing and anglers. Plus submit your bass photos early for a chance to be featured on WDFW's Facebook and Instagram pages!

Young angler in a boat holding a 4.99 lb largemouth bass they caught in Silver Lake

4.99lb Largemouth bass, Silver Lake, WA