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Puget Sound Commercial Salmon Regulations and Information
Puget Sound Commercial Salmon Regulations Pamphlet Cover

2018 Puget Sound Commercial Salmon Regulations and Schedules

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Fraser Panel Fisheries

Puget Sound is home to a commercial salmon fleet that includes purse seines, gill nets, reef nets and some types of gear that are currently in the experimental stage. Non-treaty commercial fishing rules changes and a this year's schedule of openings are available by clicking on the provided links. Information on Treaty Indian fishing in Puget Sound is available through the Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission.

Salmon Fishing: More Than a Way of Life
video from the Governor's Salmon Recovery Office

For a summary of all commercial salmon fishing regulations, descriptions of catch areas and exclusion zones and for the text of the latest hotline message click on the appropriate links provided on this page.

2018 Season Information

2018 Hotline Messages

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