Fishing Hotline Numbers
Regulation Pamphlet and Emergency Regulation Updates
Do you have fishing regulation questions? Write to us at

WDFW Fishing Hotline:
(360) 902-2500
Press 2 for recreational rules

Extension 1: Marine Areas 1-4, Washington coastal rivers and tributaries, lakes, and razor clam openings.
Extension 2: Marine Area 1, Columbia and Snake rivers, Eastern Washington rivers, tributaries and lakes.
Extension 3: Marine Areas 5-13, Puget Sound including the Strait of Juan de Fuca.
Extension 4: Puget Sound rivers, tributaries and lakes.

Shellfish Rule Change Hotline:
(Toll Free)

To check on Fish Consumption Advisories:
Marine Toxins/PSP Hotline: 1-800-562-5632
To report fish kills, or oil or hazardous material spills: Department of Emergency Management:
To Report Poaching: 1-877-933-9847
To Report Derelict Fishing Gear: 1-855-542-3935

Fishing & Shellfishing Rules in State and National Parks,
Federal Lands, Indian Reservations and Canada

  • National Parks: Contact Olympic National Park at (360) 452-4501, Gifford Pinchot National Forest at (360) 891-5009 or, Mt. Rainier National Park at (360) 569-2211, or North Cascades National Park at (360) 856-5700 for rules and other information that apply within the parks.
  • State licenses and rules apply on National Forest lands.
  • Before fishing on Indian reservations, contact the tribe for the necessary permits and rules.

    Quinault Indian Nation, (360) 276-8211
    Colville Confederated Tribes, (509) 634-4711
    Puyullap Tribe of Indians (253) 845-9225
    Yakama Nation, (509) 865-5121
    Lummi Tribe, (360) 384-1489
    Swinomish Tribal Community, (360) 466-7228
    Makah Tribe (360) 645-2201
    Kalispell Tribe (509) 445-1147;
    Swinomish Tribal Community, (360) 466-7228
    Makah Tribe (360) 645-2201
    Kalispell Tribe (509) 445-1147.

  • An access permit is required to fish waters on the Fort Lewis Military Reservation.
    Call: (253) 967-6263 or (253) 967-6277.
  • General inquiries about Canadian fishing regulations and licensing
    Call: 1-604-666-0384 or FAX 1-604-666-1847.