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Pier Name  Facilities County 
Allyn Pier Parking ADA Access Restrooms Lights Railings  Mason
Annapolis Dock (Retsil Pier) Parking Lights Rain Cover Railings  Kitsap
Bellingham Cruise Terminal Parking ADA Access Restrooms Lights Railings  Whatcom
Boulevard Park Pier (Bellingham) Parking ADA Access Restrooms Lights Rain Cover Railings  Whatcom
Bowman's Bay Pier Parking ADA Access Restrooms Railings  Island
Clinton Fishing Pier (Clinton Ferry Dock) Parking Restrooms Lights Rain Cover Railings  Island
Clyde Davidson Pier (Steilacoom) Parking ADA Access Restrooms Lights Railings  Pierce
Coal Dock (Lion's Community Park) Parking Restrooms ADA Access Lights Railings  Kitsap
Coupeville Pier Parking ADA Access Restrooms Railings  Island
Crystal Springs Public Fishing Pier Parking Railings  Kitsap
Dash Point Park Pier Parking ADA Access Restrooms Lights Rain Cover Railings Fish Cleaning Station  King
Des Moines Marina Pier Parking ADA Access Restrooms Lights Railings Fish Cleaning Station  King
Dockton Park Pier Parking ADA Access Restrooms Railings  King
Drayton Harbor Park Pier (Port of Bellingham) Parking ADA Access Restrooms Lights Railings  Whatcom
Edmonds Pier Parking ADA Access Restrooms Lights Rain Cover Railings Fish Cleaning Station  Snohomish
Everett - 10th Street Marine Park Pier Parking ADA Access Restrooms Railings  Snohomish
Fort Worden Marine Science Center Dock Parking ADA Access Restrooms Railings  Jefferson
Fox Island Fishing Pier Parking ADA Access Restrooms Railings  Pierce
Gooseberry Pt. Ferry Dock Parking Restrooms Lights Railings  Whatcom
Harper Pier (Yukon Harbor) ADA Access Restrooms Lights Railings  Kitsap
Hoodsport Hatchery ADA Wheelchair Platform Parking ADA Access Restrooms Railings  Mason
Hoodsport Pier Parking ADA Access Restrooms Railings  Mason
Illahee City Pier Parking ADA Access Lights Railings  Kitsap
Indianola Pier Parking Railings  Kitsap
Kayak Point County Park Pier Parking ADA Access Restrooms Railings Fish Cleaning Station  Snohomish
Kingston Public Pier Parking ADA Access Restrooms Lights Railings  Kitsap
Langley Marina (City Pier) Parking ADA Access Restrooms Lights Railings  Island
Les Davis Pier Parking ADA Access Restrooms Lights Rain Cover Railings Fish Cleaning Station  Pierce
Luhr's Beach Dock (CLOSED) Parking ADA Access Restrooms Rain Cover Railings  Thurston
Manchester Boat Dock Parking ADA Access Restrooms Railings  Kitsap
Mukilteo Fishing Piers Parking ADA Access Restrooms Railings  Snohomish
Point Defiance Marina Boathouse Parking ADA Access Restrooms Lights Rain Cover Railings Fish Cleaning Station  Pierce
Port Angeles City Pier Parking ADA Access Restrooms Lights Railings  Clallam
Port Hudson Jetty Parking Railings  Jefferson
Port Townsend - City Dock Parking ADA Access Restrooms Railings  Jefferson
Port Townsend - Union Wharf Parking ADA Access Restrooms Lights Railings  Jefferson
Redondo Pier Parking ADA Access Restrooms Railings Fish Cleaning Station  King
Seacrest Park Pier Parking ADA Access Restrooms Lights Railings Fish Cleaning Station  King
Shilshole Marina (A-Dock) Parking ADA Access Restrooms Lights Railings  King
Shilshole Marina Pier Parking ADA Access Restrooms Lights Railings  King
Spokane St. Bridge Parking ADA Access Restrooms Rain Cover Railings  King
Suquamish Dock Parking ADA Access Restrooms Lights Railings  Kitsap
Tramp Harbor Pier Parking ADA Access Restrooms Railings  King
Twanoh Park Pier ADA Access Restrooms Railings  Mason
Waterman Point Pier (Sinclair Inlet) Parking ADA Access Lights Railings  Kitsap
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Market SquidFrom late May until February, adult squid can be found in almost all waters of the Strait of Juan de Fuca and Puget Sound. Check the Squidfishing site to find out how to catch, clean and most importantly EAT these tasty shellfish.

Before fishing or gathering unclassified invertebrates for bait, be sure and check the latest Fishing in Washington regulations pamphlet for open seasons, size, gear and species restrictions. Licenses and guides are also availalble at most sporting goods stores. It is your responsibility to obtain and observe all current regulations.

The Washington State Department of Health (DOH) maintains a website of Washington State waterbodies with contaminant advisories. Make sure the fish you catch are safe to consume.


Safe and responsible behavior is necessary on all piers. Please be aware, anglers are invited guests at many sites. Obey all rules and regulations at pier fishing sites.

Fishing piers are usually open from dawn to dusk and some allow night use. Check locally for fishing hours.