Southwest Washington (Region 5) Fishing Hotline

The following is a brief summary of emergency and permanent sport fishing regulations for smelt, salmon, steelhead, sturgeon and shad on the mainstem Columbia River and its tributaries plus razor clam digging at Long Beach. For additional permanent rules, see the 2017-18 Washington Sport Fishing Rules pamphlet.

Wednesday May 23, 2018


Columbia River Mainstem

Mainstem Columbia from the Rocky Point/Tongue Point Line upstream to Bonneville Dam - Effective date:  May 25 through June 6, 2018.  Open for boat and bank fishing for salmon and steelhead from the Rocky Point/Tongue Point line upstream to Beacon Rock, plus bank angling only from Beacon Rock upstream to the Bonneville Dam deadline. The legal upstream boat boundary is defined as: A deadline marker on the Oregon bank (approximately four miles downstream from Bonneville Dam Powerhouse One) in a straight line through the western tip of Pierce Island to a deadline marker on the Washington bank at Beacon Rock.

  • Daily bag limit:  Daily limit is 6 salmonids, 2 may be adults.  Only one may be a hatchery adult Chinook. Release all wild salmonids.  Salmon minimum size: 12 inches.

Mainstem Columbia from Bonneville Dam upstream to Washington/Oregon BorderEffective date: May 25 through June 15, 2018.  Tower Island power lines (approximately 6 miles below The Dalles Dam) upstream to Oregon/Washington border plus the Oregon and Washington banks (hand-casted only) between Bonneville Dam and the Tower Island power lines.

  • Daily bag limit: Daily limit is 6 adipose fin clipped salmonids, of which no more than 2 may be hatchery steelhead or one hatchery steelhead and one hatchery adult Chinook. Release all wild Chinook and wild steelhead.  Salmon minimum size: 12 inches.

Columbia River Tributaries

  • The Cowlitz River from the mouth upstream to the Forest Road 1270, the Cispus River, and Lake Scanewa – Until further notice, the daily limit of hatchery adult Chinook salmon has been reduced to 1 fish.
  • Until further notice, retention of hatchery Chinook salmon is allowed from the mouth of the Lewis River to Johnson Creek. From Johnson Creek to the overhead powerlines below Merwin Dam, retention of hatchery Chinook and hatchery steelhead is also allowed only while fishing from the bank with no boat fishing allowed. Daily limit is 6 hatchery Chinook, of which only 1 may be an adult. In addition, from Johnson Creek to the overhead powerlines below Merwin Dam, 3 hatchery steelhead may be retained.


The daily white sturgeon limit is 1 fish and the annual limit is 2 fish even if the angler holds both a Washington and Oregon license.

Mainstem Columbia River from the Wauna powerlines downstream to the mouth at Buoy 10, including Youngs Bay, and all adjacent Washington tributaries


  • Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays only May 14 through June 4

Allowable Catch:

  • 2,960 white sturgeon
  • Legal size: 44-inch minimum and 50-inch maximum fork length
  • Daily bag limit: One fish
  • Annual bag limit: Two fish
  • Retention of green sturgeon is prohibited

Additional Regulations:

  • On days open to white sturgeon retention, angling for sturgeon is prohibited after 2 PM, including catch and release.

Catch update:  During May 14-19, sturgeon anglers below the Wauna power lines made 5,389 trips and kept 252 legal white sturgeon.  An estimated 8.5% of the catch guideline had been taken. 

Mainstem Columbia River from Bonneville Dam upstream to The Dalles Dam, including adjacent tributaries


  • Friday June 15 only.


  • Angling for sturgeon prohibited during May through July from The Dalles Dam downstream 1.8 miles to a line from the east (upstream) dock at the Port of The Dalles boat ramp straight across to a marker on the Washington shore.

Allowable Catch:

  • White sturgeon between 38-inches and 54-inches fork length.

Mainstem Columbia River from The Dalles Dam upstream to John Day Dam, including adjacent tributaries.


  • Friday June 15 only.


  • Angling for sturgeon prohibited during May through July from John Day Dam downstream 2.4 miles to a line crossing the Columbia at a right angle to the thread of the river form the west end of the grain silo at Rufus, Oregon.

Allowable Catch:

  • White sturgeon between 43-inches and 54-inches fork length.

John Day Dam upstream to McNary Dam including adjacent tributaries – All sturgeon must be released through the end of the year. 

2018 Licenses available now!

State fishing and hunting licenses are available for the new season (begins April 1, 2018) by phone (866-246-9453), online, and from licensing dealers around the state ( A Vehicle Access Pass to lands owned by WDFW is free with most types of fishing and hunting licenses.

Two-Pole Endorsement:

This endorsement allows you to use two fishing poles on most freshwater lakes, ponds, a few sections of certain rivers, and a few marine areas. Youth and adult anglers must have a fishing license in addition to the two pole endorsement. 

Discover Pass:

At $35, an annual pass provides access to nearly seven million acres of state-managed recreation lands, including state parks, water-access points, heritage sites, wildlife and natural areas, trails and trailheads.