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Reference ID: DFW517733

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Reference ID: DFW517733
Recreational Opportunities      Submission Type: Public
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Rule to Change:
More of an amendment to existing rule.... The statewide general rules....crab, shrimp and crawfish state the following............ On page 135 2nd full paragraph under general gear rules "Any angler may assist the person whose name is on the buoy while he or she is pulling the pot."
New Rule Proposal:
Suggestion for next years fishing regulations......... Therein lies the question. It says may assist the person's whose name is on the pot while he or she is pulling the pot. However it does not specifically say anything about the helper harvesting crabs, shrimp or crawfish from that pot. One more sentence saying that..... "the person helping may also legally harvest crabs from said pot with the proper license while adhering to specific individual area limit(s)" .... or "if the person assisting has the appropriate license, he or she can also record crab, shrimp or crawfish harvested from those pots." would certainly end any confusion. Please consider adding something of like that for next years publication.
Why the change is needed:
To avoid confusion and clarify what is legal to do. The current language would suggest one could not use anther's trap to harvest their limit because of the omission specifically saying that.
Names of individuals or groups with whom you have discussed this change:
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Submitted by: BLATT, DAN  — OLYMPIA, WA

Date submitted: 06/01/2012

WDFW Rule Proposal Recommendation

Not Recommended for further consideration     Reference ID: DFW517733

The current rules describe requirements for harvesting crab. Once crab are harvested, ownership is defined by information recorded on catch record cards.

Online Public Comments    (1 comments)

GARDNER, JOE R  December 07, 2012
I agree with the new rule proposal. But I also would like to see a better definition of "Assist". Can the person assisting the pot owner pull the pot? Also does the pot owner need to be present? Can more than one name be on the pot?