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Reference ID: DFW530376

Original Rule Proposal     See comments

Reference ID: DFW530376
Recreational Opportunities      Submission Type: Public
Rules Category:
Puget Sound Region Freshwater
Species covered in proposed rule
 • Kokanee
 • Trout

Other Description
Rule to Change:
Current rule of limit on Lake Sammamish, 5 trout per fisherman and release all Kokanee.
New Rule Proposal:
Limit of 2 Cuttbows (Trout) per fisherman and release all Kokanee. Only De-barbed hooks allowed.
Why the change is needed:
After fishing Lake Sammamish for several years and watching the developmental return of the Kokanee (a wonderful success) I would encourage de-barbing hooks for the save release of Kokanee to the Lake. Secondly, since the new docks have been in place the pressure on the lake during the winter has greatly increased. Now we have fishermen keeping more Cuttbows (Trout) and Cutthroat than ever before. The same sport of fishing would continue on the lake with a catch limit of 2 fish per fisherman. Since the fish in Lake Sammamish are native and not plants, the state should seriously consider protection and conservation of the trout that currently exist within the lake.
Names of individuals or groups with whom you have discussed this change:
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Describe their support and/or concerns:
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Date submitted: 04/26/2012

WDFW Rule Proposal Recommendation

Recommended for Public Comment     Reference ID: DFW530376

Rule Change Recommendation Short Title
Require seasonal use of single point barbless hooks to protect Lake Sammamish Kokanee

Rules Category
Puget Sound Region Freshwater

Type of Rule Change Proposal

County or Location Information
King County

Short Description
Daily bag limit of five trout remains the same but to protect kokanee, only single point barbless hooks will be allowed from January 1 through April 30.

Single point barbless hooks are to allow for the safe release of kokanee. Incidental catch of kokanee has increased during the winter. Kokanee in the lake are native and this regulation will help protect supplementation efforts that are currently underway. This regulation will also assist in the protection of native trout that are released.

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