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# 56. Extend night closure and anti-snagging rules on the Wallace River

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Puget Sound Region Freshwater

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Snohomish County

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Extend night closure and anti-snagging rules from the mouth (farthest downstream railroad bridge) to 363rd Avenue SE/Reese Road (Dike Road)from June through February 15.

Currently the anti-snagging rule starts with the salmon season. Chinook and coho are present in the river during the trout and game fish seasons. Enforcement reports concerns with salmon snagging during the trout and game fish season. This regulation change would make it easier to enforce anti-snagging. Additionally, the Wallace Hatchery is on this river and they have had difficulty meeting Chinook brood stock goals for the past three years. ESA listed Chinook spawn in the Wallace River so extending anti-snagging rules during the trout and game fish seasons would reduce impacts on wild spawning Chinook.

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Online Public Comments  (6 comments)

ROGERS, DAN J  October 11, 2012
Definitely needed. The walace has become a cesspool of snaggers and the fish really have no chance. I would like to see the rule modified additionally to define flossing as a form of snagging, or to include a restriction on leader lengths to 12 inches or less past the swivel or weight. "Corkie and yarn" fishing involves using a weight, and following this with several feet of line that terminates in a hook with a small float, just enough to make it boyant. Thrown upstream from fish, the leader wraps around and among the fish as it flows downstream, and the angler then sweeps the line until they feel a hook set - anywhere on the fish. Walace river has become so bad in this regard, I would support closing it alltogether when salmon are present to control snaggers.
RICHARD, STEVEN   October 11, 2012
Excellent idea
ROGERS, DAN J  November 08, 2012
Anything that can be done to cut the amount of snagging on Wallace would help. I enoy fishing the wallace, for trout, and for salmon. I have seen salmon snaggers come in groups of 5 or more at a time, just to get the kings, even though it is closed. I would like to see "flossing" (long leaders where the hook drifts downstream and tangles the fish) become a part of the anti-snagging rule - and on the wallace, some kind of regular enforcement presence would do far more than just extending the anti-snagging rule.
CARVER SR, RUSSELL L  November 29, 2012
Please pass rule#56
WAUGH, BRIAN   January 28, 2013
Plant more chinook and steelhead in the Wallace
BORBON, RAYMOND   January 01, 2013
Further enforcement would be better. The rule is ok but need boots on the ground.

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