Sportfishing Rule Changes for 2014-2015

2014-2015 proposed
rule language (CR-103)
2014 Recreational Fishing Rules Concise Explanatory Statement
Increase walleye daily limit in the lower San Poil River

Short Description
Liberalize the daily bag limit for walleye to 16 fish on the San Poil River from Boundary A to Boundary C (see map) to align with existing regulations for Lake Roosevelt and the lower Spokane River.

Prohibit fishing from boats equipped with an internal combustion motor in a section of the Naselle River

Short Description
Restrict fishing from a floating device equipped with an internal combustion motor in the lower Naselle River from the Highway 4 Bridge to Crown mainline (Salme) Bridge; year-round.

Washington Administrative Code (WAC) language, maintenance, and technical changes

Short Description
This rule project corrects Washington Administrative Code (WAC) language in recreational fishing rules to match the Unites States Geographical Survey (USGS) and make technical changes for clarity, consistency, and efficiency (see table below). The proposed changes split apart a statewide rule into separate rules based on geographical areas, format the language in a clear structure, and correct typographical errors, etc.