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2015 Recreational Fishing Rules Concise Explanatory Statement
Fish & Wildlife Commission
Meeting Jan. 8-10, 2015

2015 – 2016 Sportfishing Rule Proposals – Briefing and Public Hearing. Audio available.

Sportfishing Rule Changes for 2015-2016

View proposals and comments on proposals that were submitted by the public and WDFW staff.

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Reference ID#Short Title
DFW025526-15Reinstate bag and length limits on bass, walleye and channel catfish in the Columbia River and tributaries.
DFW110043-15Commercial fishing change
DFW202435-15More salmon fishing opportunity in the Vancouver area.
DFW213288-15Increase bank angling opportunity on the Nisqually River
DFW219895-15Remove bag and size limits for all warmwater fishes on the Columbia River and tributaries
DFW230119-15Consider adding a picture of a Westslope Cutthroat Trout in the sport fishing rules pamphlet
DFW251137-15Create a classified waters program to control quality fishing on the Klickitat River
DFW251569-15Salmon rule proposal requesting , use of barbed hooks and allowing retention of 1wild (non ad-clipped) fish
DFW276915-15Allow the use of barbed hooks for salmon/ steelhead on the Hanford Reach of the Columbia River
DFW304287-15Increase harvest opportunity for hatchery chinook and coho on the Naselle River
DFW316194-15Institute a bounty program for Northern Pikeminnow up to Wells Dam on the Columbia River
DFW336774-15Make the Columbia River Salmon and Steelhead Endorsement part of the fishing licensing
DFW413857-15Modify hatchery steelhead seasons on the Hanford Reach to increase hatchery steelhead fishing opportunity
DFW415941-15Reestablish rules for walleye and bass on the mainstem Columbia River and tributaries.
DFW458735-15Allow the use of 2-pole license on healthy populations of salmon in Puget Sound Rivers.
DFW493436-15Allow the use of barbed hooks while salmon fishing the Columbia River
DFW500626-15Open Shad season year round on the Columbia River
DFW516414-15Adjust salmon fishing rules on the Snake River
DFW542850-15Hanford Reach salmon, allow use of barbed hooks
DFW559561-15Convert all fly fishing only waters to selective gear waters to increase fishing opportunity for non-fly anglers
DFW570189-15Allow the use of the 2 pole endorsement for salmon fishing on Columbia and Snake rivers
DFW573938-15Walleye, return to 8 fish limit and retain one over 25 inches
DFW637555-15Allow the use of barbed hooks for salmon/ steelhead on the Columbia River and tributaries by youth and disabled anglers
DFW643375-15Adjust the anti-snagging rule to allow for the use of a longer leader
DFW656284-15Enact statewide panfish limits to conserve panfish populations
DFW774523-15Extend catch and release wild steelhead fishing on the Humptulips River for an additional 15 days annually
DFW805742-15Adjust Tribal fishing rights
DFW834064-15Reestablish the limit on walleye to 10 fish with no more than one over 24 inches and no size limit on the Columbia River and tributaries
DFW935526-15Remove daily limits and size limits for bass, Walleye and Channel Catfish in the Columbia River and Tributaries from the Oregon/Washington Border downstream.
DFW996385-15Remove daily limits and size limits for bass, Walleye and Channel Catfish in the Columbia River and Tributaries from the Oregon/Washington Border downstream.

Region 1 (3)

Reference ID#Short Title
DFW142008-15Open a section of the Grande Ronde River for bass fishing
DFW177333-15Extend fishing season on the Grande Ronde River to increase Smallmouth Bass fishing opportunity
DFW594426-15Change all fishing rules on Mill Creek to catch and release only

Region 2 (9)

Reference ID#Short Title
DFW011116-15Open a section of the Twisp River to sport fishing
DFW109297-15Change Walleye rules on Moses Lake and Potholes Reservoir to increase the minimum size and number of larger Walleye in the harvest
DFW292616-15Do not allow Westslope Cutthroat Trout to be removed from the water prior to release in the Methow River
DFW336531-15Cease taking hatchery spring Chinook into the Icicle River Hatchery once the escapement is met
DFW513297-15Allow party fishing to attain daily limits faster on resident game fish species
DFW535329-15Add a catch and release season for trout on the Wenatchee River
DFW616173-15Make the Methow River catch and release only
DFW716811-15Close the lower 2 miles of the Methow River to fishing and close all of the river to fishing from a boat
DFW927905-15Make Big Twin Lake a fly fishing catch and release only fishery

Region 3 (3)

Reference ID#Short Title
DFW069315-15Do not allow wild trout removal from the water prior to release
DFW261153-15Must release all bass during the spawning season
DFW791969-15Allow archery fishing for Channel Catfish on the Columbia River and tributaries

Region 5 (19)

Reference ID#Short Title
DFW002555-15Columbia River bank fishing all year, salmon
DFW033734-15Cowlitz River, allow fishing on south side of river
DFW081213-15Deschutes River line, no fishing from a floating device and no bait
DFW134627-15Klickitat River, do not allow treble hooks
DFW265599-15Sturgeon, must fish with hand casted lines from shore and unlawful to use a floating device to set lines.
DFW291358-15Sturgeon, catch and release in one section and close to fishing in another section
DFW318868-15Barbed hooks allowed at Wind River and Drano Lake on particular dates
DFW322853-15Eliminate hatchery plants of steelhead and have only catch and release fishing for trout
DFW329882-15Cowlitz River, remove the posted deadline
DFW341785-15Cowlitz River, reopen the south side from May 1 through June 15
DFW370680-15Lower Columbia River open to salmon fishing year round for retired sportsmen and maybe allow bankfishing only
DFW377833-15Klickitat River whitefish season
DFW406875-15Allow barbed hooks from Jan 1 to June 16
DFW582921-15Klickitat River multiple suggestions
DFW611377-15Upper Cowlitz River, Lake Scanewa and Cispus River: Allow barbed hooks for salmon and steelhead
DFW671502-15Shad season open year round
DFW708223-15Allow barbed hooks in Columbia River during steelhead seasons
DFW812261-15Allow barbed hooks for salmon and steelhead in the upper Cowlitz/Cispus river basin
DFW851881-15Salmon, require same rule as for sturgeon for bank anglers