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# 4. Tenkara fly fishing gear

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Modify the definition of "Fly Fishing only" waters to include Tenkara fly fishing gear.

Tenkara fly fishing uses a long limber rod with a braided Tenkara fly line permanently attached to the tip of the rod. Tenkara fly lines vary in length from 12 to 25 feet with an additional leader attached. This technique is gaining in popularity and is not legal to use under the current "fly fishing only" rules. It is disqualified from use because of the term "conventional fly line". Using the term Tenkara in the rule will clearly define the type of fly line is required to comply with the rule change.

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Online Public Comments  (79 comments)

CARNES, STEVE   August 22, 2014
Hello. Each year, late summer, we visit the Olympic Peninsula for a week of hiking and beach walking. Included in that time is discovering several new streams for fishing. I would love to bring my Tenkara gear instead of my cumbersome western fly fishing gear. Please help change this rule. Sincerely, Steve Carnes
HARRIS, TIM   August 22, 2014
I started this proposal last winter so am all for it. Tenkara IS fly fishing in a minimal form and should thus be allowed on Fly Fishing Only waters in the state. It actually makes fishing harder in many ways since you do not have the ability to cast a long line to reach fish further away than 25-30’. It also produces less stress to the fish since the fish cannot make long runs, the fight to land a fish is limited to the short length of line.
ETHIER, DAVID H  August 22, 2014
As an out of state angler I am in favor of the rule change. On a recent trip to the Seattle area my son and I packed our tenkara rods and had a great time on a few Pacific Northwest streams. All future trips to Washington will be with tenkara rod in hand. Hopefully the rule change is approved and more waters will become fishable to tenkara anglers.
WRIGHT, STAN L  August 22, 2014
Thank you for considering a rule change to include Tenkara style fly fishing in the Fly Fishing Only waters. In my older age and physical conditionI I find the use of Tenkara rods to be much easier than the conventional tackle. Tenkara is perfect for me and my quest for smaller fish on smaller waters. Tenkara is fly fishing in the truest sense of the word. Aloha, Stan
HEISINGER, ZACHARY   August 22, 2014
Those who practice Tenkara fly fishing should be granted the same access to streams that western fly fishing practitioners are granted. The reason being that they are essentionally the same thing. Both use a synthetic fly to attract fish, both are primarily catch and release activities, both follow environmentally conscious practices. Tenkara is actually more simplistic and more environmentally sound. To penalize Tenkara for line construction and lack of a reel shows complete ignorance as to why there are fly fishing only streams in the first place. I ask that the state of Washington look at the techniques of both Western and Tenkara fly fishing and understand that the true essence of both techniques are the same. This is important to me as I plan on practicing both when I move to Washington for my job.
FARMER, TERRY   August 22, 2014
Hello, my name is Terry Farmer. I live and fly fish in New Mexico. I began using Tenkara techniques and tackle about 2 years ago. I found it to be a very simple and enjoyable approach to fly fishing. In fact many like minded folks turned off by the increasing expense and complexity of conventional western style fly fishing have come to enjoy our New Mexico streams, rivers, lakes and ponds through Tenkara. Tenkara in New Mexico is perfectly legal in our fly fishing only waters. I have friends in Washington State and I sincerely hope that Washington joins the majority of the United States approving Tenkara techniques for fly fishing. I visit Washington. I would enjoy bringing my Tenkara gear, fishing, sightseeing and contributing to your economy. Respectfully submitted, Terry Farmer
OSADA, RYAN S  August 22, 2014
Tenkara is equally or more challenging than western flyfishing. With a fixed line the angler is limited to his or her ability rather than the gear. The whole idea behind flyfishing only waters is to present a more challenging way of catching fish. I feel by adding this category it opens more opportunity for those who enjoy the minimalist techniques that are associated with tenkara fishing. Thank you
STOVER, JEFF   August 23, 2014
Tenkara is the like original fly fishing as the Japanese have been using similar methods before we in the western world caught on. This is an absurdity of the law to not be allowed.
AGNETA, MICHAEL   August 24, 2014
I'm not a Washington resident, but as a frequent traveler, it would be unfortunate if tenkara was not granted the same privileges as fly fishing simply because the set up does not employ a reel. It is a rod that casts line and uses flies. The rod and line deliver the fly to the fish, just like fly fishing...and unlike bait or lure fishing which relies on the weight of the lure. Tenkara = fly fishing, at it's purest form.
BUCHANAN, ADAM   August 25, 2014
I strongly endorse the inclusion of Tenkara on "fly fishing only" waters in Washington. I personally use Tenkara gear for smaller fish on smaller streams/rivers, and reserve traditional fly gear for larger waters. Tenkara is every bit as much fly fishing as my "Western" set up. Minus the reel, and despite a different line material, Tenkara still involves using the weight of a fly line to cast small artificial flies on a lightweight tippet. Fish are brought to hand just as quickly as traditional gear, and to be completely honest, with traditional gear, most of us don't reel-in small trout anyways - we strip the line! I, like a majority of Tenkara fishermen, practice strict catch & release and use only single barbless hooks. Furthermore, the use of a relatively short light line and sensitive rod tip allows for excellent strike recognition (both visual and tactile) - every catch of mine this summer has been hooked in the mouth and released unharmed. Thank you!
DARLING, KEVIN D  August 28, 2014
I have concern about this, as it would be rather easy to open the door for who knows what other change to the fly fishing rules. After viewing a couple of you tube video's on the technique. This method could be done with conventional fly fishing line as stated in the current rules. The current regulations state nothing about a reel. so I feel no change is needed.
EVANS , JOHN   August 30, 2014
I'm new to fishing and just discovered tenkara style fly fishing. Please change the rules to include tenkara gear; it's just as environmentally responsible and challenging as traditional methods. Thank you!
STEINER, BRADLY J  September 01, 2014
I agree! I have switched to Tenkara in the past year and have found it much more challenging - and rewarding - to catch fish with. My only suggestion is that in defining Tenkara equipment, please include nylon/flourocarbon line as well (otherwise known as "level" line in Tenkara). I would also offer that given the spectrum of fishing equipment and styles out there "Fly Fishing Only" is more about the fly and weighting options that it is about the method of propulsion to get the fly out there. For example, the fly and casting bubble technique on a spinning rod... is it fly fishing? I empathize with the WDFW and their job defining all of this (and trying to make everyone happy). Perhaps it just needs to be say "Fly Fishing Waters = Use of unbaited/unscented tied flies as lures only, with no additional weight attached to the line at any point." This would still allow heavy lines and casting bubbles, but makes the fly fishing definition more about the fly/weight. Thank you!
AYARS, MIKE   September 01, 2014
Hello, I'm an experienced angler by way of CO and landed here 3 years ago. I've fly fished for all but 5 of my 33 years of life and know it well. I'm also a conservationist. I've fished Tenkara now for 3 years and to an experienced fly angler this is really a no brainer. I wish more anglers would fish Tenkara. Here is why. 1. The cast is the same as traditional fly fishing. I really don't change much at all when I cast between the 2. You just have to be mindful of a longer rod, and fixed line. It is most definitely fly fishing by my definition. And you only use 1 fly, giving the fish even more of an advantage. 2. The light rod and line actually protect the fish better than traditional fly fishing. It acts as a bungee cord and it prevents the fish from further stress. 3. Because of the fixed line, you will get the fish to hand quicker. Resulting in less stress and over handling on the fish. I can explain further if needed. Please don't hesitate on asking. M
BELLOWS, CHRIS A  September 02, 2014
Oppose changing the fly fishing rules at this time. Enforcement is stretched too thin at this point without adding minutiae to the rules for them to sort through.
LAWSON II, KEVIN C  September 04, 2014
SCHMELZER, CHRIS   September 06, 2014
Tenkara is flyfishing, this is a non-brainer rule change.
BRUEGGEMANN, WILLIAM   September 06, 2014
Housekeeping change. Tenkara rods are taking fly fishing to the next level of simplicity.
WILSON, SCOTT   September 19, 2014
Yes for rule change. You have to "fly cast" in order to use a tenkara rod. Also it's a rod not a pole.
NOLTEN, DAN   September 19, 2014
Tenkara is extremely similar to fly fishing. I see no negative effects of adding this to be included under fly fishing only waters definitions.
HAMAR, PETER M  September 25, 2014
Tenkara is a traditional form of fly fishing. The rules for fly-fishing-only waters should be clarified to ensure that Tenkara fly fishing is legal.
REMPEL, GENE   September 27, 2014
I have been an flyfishing for more than 40 years in the Northwest and have included Tenkara fishing in my repertoire. I believe firmly that it IS a form of flyfishing, simply not fitting the descriptive language in Washington state rules. Almost all other states have language the easily includes Tenkara. I strongly encourage the adoption of wording that would include Tenkara as flyfishing. Thanks
BAILEY, CHRIS L  October 01, 2014
Please approve the use of traditional Tenkara fishing equipment as equivalent to fly fishing for fly fishing only waters.
PALUCH, MATTHEW   October 03, 2014
This is a good rule proposal and should pass. Tenkara is widely accepted as fly fishing within the fly fishing industry.
BAMBRICK, DALE   October 10, 2014
Perhaps it would be better to eliminate the term "fly fishing only" given the apparently dynamic nature of a sport that often casts itself as an homage to tradition. Perhaps instead such waters should be designated "elitist jerk fishing only." Thus, dorky fads could be assimilated in real time but the regulatory moat would still shield the gentry from any spin-casting serfs.
SCHONEWALD, TIMOTHY D  October 10, 2014
I think this is an interesting approach and applaud the department for getting out of the box. This is a good change.
HARRISON, ROB   October 14, 2014
I fly fish using Tenkara rods, lines and flies, and I support this proposal to include Tenkara under the rubric of "fly fishing." The communities are similar, and the general philosophies of catch and release and respect for fish and rivers are the same.
FAHRENBRUCH, CHRIS   October 15, 2014
The current rule is based on "western" fly fishing methods and gear. Tenkara is the oldest form of fly fishing, from which western fly fishing was actually derived. Without Tenkara modern fly fishing would not even exist. So, to limit "Fly Fishing Only" areas to Western gear and methods only, is denying the heritage and art of fly fishing all together. Furthermore, when fighting fish, especially larger and stronger fish, Tenkara actually reduces the stress on the fish. This is due to the spring like action of the rod and the more vertical pressure on the fish, not allowing the fish to continually run. This can allow for quicker landing of the fish, resulting in less recovery time upon release. And that means less handling and less stress, which leads to lower mortality rates. And, beings Tenkara typically uses lighter tippit material, if a fish is too big or strong, the tippit will give way. With western gear, using light tippit, letting a fish run while tire/stress it out.
DEJONG, ERIC A  October 16, 2014
Although I don't personally fish Tenkara gear, I support this change.
BERG, JASON D  October 17, 2014
Agreed. This should indeed be considered a type of fly fishing. Becoming more and more popular. You can find the Tenkara rods at local fly shops.
BOYD, JAMES T  October 20, 2014
I feel tenkara doesn't have any more impact, and maybe less, on fish species than regular fly fishing. It is also a great way to introduce new people, especially children, to the sport.
TRIGGS, BOB   November 03, 2014
I support this proposal.
YEAGER, TAWNA   November 03, 2014
Great change.
KELLEY, PHILIP E  November 05, 2014
I am in favor of the proposal to modify the definition of "Flyfishing Only" waters to include Tenkara fishing. Though this method does not use a conventional fly line and reel as specified in current law, I feel that it does conform to the intention of providing flyfishing anglers a quality sporting experience and protecting fish stocks. I do think the law needs to be written so as not to open these waters to any form of fishing with a fly. By specifying the use of fixed length lines, limits to line length, no reels, etc. The law could carefully open these waters to this traditional Japanese flyfishing method without diluting the essential goals of restricting certain areas. Thank you. Philip Kelley, flyfisher since sometime around 1960.
PATTON, PHIL   November 12, 2014
Tenkara style fishing is NOT compatible with normal USA fly fishing. The Tenkara method is what I call "dappling" and would cause conflict with fly fishing. There is nothing worse than when fly fishing a stretch of water than to have someone standing in the same spot "dappling" and not allowing anyone else to fish "their" water. Tenkara style of fishing is NOT fly fishing!!!!!!!!!!
HARVES, MICHAEL T  November 13, 2014
Please upgrade the "fly fishing only" regs to include Tenkara gear. It is most certainly fly fishing and as a practitioner I urge you to do so.
KUDLO, DAVID   November 18, 2014
Born and raised in the Great NW and travel out at least twice a year. There is nothing I enjoy more that walking through the most beautiful stateI have ever seen. Tenkara just adds even more joy to these experiences and gives my mother and I a little friendly competition. Tenkara is true fly fishing and gives the fish the upper hand. It is a more simplistic beautiful form of fly fishing one that everyone should have the ability to enjoy on every body of water. Thank you.
KUDLO, ROXANNE J  November 18, 2014
There is very little difference between Tenkara and regular fly fishing. It is, however, more environmentally friendly. Most fish are simply returned to the water and less gear is needed making it seemingly, less intrusive. It is just a simer form of fly fishing and there is no reasonTenkara should not be treated as such, equally.
BENTSEN, CHRISTOPHER   November 25, 2014
Yes. Makes sense.
GROVER, JUSTIN   November 25, 2014
I strongly support this regulation change.
GUNNELL, CHASE   November 25, 2014
I support the expansion of fly fishing only definitions to include Tenkara fly fishing gear. This type of fishing, though the gear is slightly different, is no different nor any more harmful or intrusive, than conventional fly fishing gear that incorporates a reel and longer line. It should be allowed on any water open to fly fishing.
GALHARDO, DANIEL W  November 30, 2014
Tenkara is traditional method of fly-fishing that uses only a rod, line and fly. It is simple. Just as in "western" fly-fishing the line is what propels/casts the fly forward. Typically only one fly is used and many users also use barbless hooks. The absence of a reel actually means very fast landing of fish, which translates into fish that don't get harmed. I hope you'll consider including tenkara into the legal definition of what fly-fishing, for the purposes of fly-fishing only waters. Daniel W. Galhardo
PANGBORN, FORREST   November 30, 2014
Please clarify the definition of "fly fishing" with the spirit of the associated regulations in mind such that tenkara is permitted on fly fishing only waters. Thank you!
CHENAULT, DAVID   November 30, 2014
Tenkara is another form of fly fishing, to whom the same legal and ethical restrictions as conventional fly fishing should apply. It seem to me Washington law should recognize this. Thank you for your time, Dave Chenault
SMITH, BRIAN   November 30, 2014
Tenkara is fly fishing, requiring many of the skills convential gear uses. Please amend the rule to allow Tenkara gear so I will be able to fish when I visit your beautiful state.
COLE, MARK   December 01, 2014
Although I'm no longer a resident of Washington, I attended UW for my PhD, I strongly feel that tenkara should be included in the fly fishing only waters. Tenkara is the modern version of original fly fishing using only a rod, line and fly(s). This method was used in Europe and Japan for centuries before the relatively recent invention and adaption (1850's)of the fly reel and short fly rods. Inclusion of tenkara in fly fishing only waters honors this centuries long definition of fly fishing. In fly fishing the rod casts the fly line, a distributed mass, and the relatively weightless fly goes along for the ride. In other types of fishing the rod casts a concentrated mass at the end of the line which pulls the line after the weighted bait or lure. Tenkara, like all fly fishing, casts a distributed mass and so fits this definition of fly fishing. Due to its long history and method of fly delivery I strongly urge that tenkara be included in fly fishing only waters.
HANSEN, JEN   December 01, 2014
I enjoy fishing Tenkara very much and am sad I cannot currently legally fish this way when I visit my friends and family in WA. Please change your laws to include Tenkara!
BRANDT, MYLES   December 01, 2014
Tenkara is much more conducive to catch and release and should be legalized.
VANDER HOUWEN, DENNIS   December 01, 2014
I was born in Washington and still visit family. When I am out I always go fishing. I ONLY fish Tenkara and just learned of this silliness of regulations. It would be tragic to not allow tenkara fishing in WA. It is arguably a better way to fly fish and most tenkara fishermen that I know are catch and release and ecologically mindful people. This regulation is a trivial miss-wording taken into a ridiculous context that was not within the intent of the writer I am sure. I hope that you will consider the financial repercussions as well because Tenkara fishermen would not be traveling to WA state to fish. (Out of state licenses and tourist dollars are at stake) Sincerely Dennis Vander Houwen
GEER, JOHN L  December 01, 2014
Hello. I would greatly like to see tenkara included in the legal definition of fly fishing. It should not pose any greater mortality to the fish and is a great way to introduce new people to the sport, which can help generate revenue for the state. It's also just a simple and elegant way to fish, and a lot of fun. :) Thank you for proposing this change.
SADLER, TOM   December 01, 2014
Tenkara is fly fishing.
STOVALL , JESSE   December 01, 2014
I have fished your waters many times and would love to see my favorite gear allowed everywhere through the state. I never saw tenkara as anything but fly fishing. It only differs from your current definition because it lacks a real. The lines used are incredibly light in weight and flexibility but just as a standard plastic or silk fly had been designed specifically for delivering small un weighted lures so have tenkara lines. These are not just fishing rods with any old line tied too the end. As much development and work went into this system as any other fly fishing system. All of them are designed to deliver flies in a manner that imitates trout forage. I hope this illuminates to the governing bodies that tenkara fishing aims to achieve the same goal but, with a slight variant in the weight and supple narrow of the gear used.
MORAN, GRAHAM M  December 01, 2014
I agree that the correct terminology belongs in the Washington State regulations. As a tenkara angler myself I had considered making a trip to Washington to explore the area. But due to the current regulations in your state I decided to travel to another state for my fishing adventures. Tenkara uses flies just like "conventional gear" and we also use different style lines that are very similar to "conventional" lines. I feel passing the change would be in the best interest of the fishing opportunities in the state of Washington.
SMITH, STEPHEN T  December 01, 2014
i support changing the rule to include Tenkara. Tenkara is fly fishing without a reel.
LALLO, JUSTIN   December 01, 2014
Tenkara fly fishing should be allowed in your fly fishing only waters. It is a huge mistake to not allow Tenkara as it is fly fishing. I tie my own flies. I cast them with my Tenkara rod. Tenkara and similar styles of "fixed-line" fly fishing is where modern fly fishing came from. The main difference is that there is no reel. I live in Oregon and I frequently travel to Washington to fish. Upon doing so I always stop to purchase a multi-day fishing license. I was considering purchasing a year long license for next year. However, I have recently switched over to Tenkara for my fishing gear and if I'm not allowed then I will not go and you will lose my money. I strongly urge that tenkara be included in fly fishing only waters. thank you Justin
BREMNER, TODD   December 01, 2014
I’m not a resident of Washington but I plan on visiting to hike/camp/fish. I feel that Tenkara should be included in the fly fishing only waters as it is in other states. Tenkara is the modern version of original fly fishing using only a rod, line and fly(s). This method was used in Europe and Japan for centuries before the relatively recent invention and adaption (1850′s)of the fly reel and short fly rods. Inclusion of tenkara in fly fishing only waters honors this centuries long definition of fly fishing. In fly fishing the rod casts the fly line, a distributed mass, and the relatively weightless fly goes along for the ride. In other types of fishing the rod casts a concentrated mass at the end of the line which pulls the line after the weighted bait or lure. Tenkara, like all fly fishing, casts a distributed mass and so fits this definition of fly fishing. Due to its long history and method of fly delivery I strongly urge that tenkara be included in fly fishing only waters.
GONZALEZ, ROB   December 01, 2014
I hope you'll consider adding Tenkara as a legal form of fly fishing in The state of Washington. It's hugely growing in popularity among new and seasoned fly anglers and provides yet another way for new folks to get introduced to our great sport.
TAM, LUONG   December 01, 2014
fly fishing method is using artificial fly which is attached to a fishing line. Tenkara Fly Fishing is just that. Tenkara Fly Fishing is and original fly fishing method in the early day which is found in both western and Far East many centuries ago. The only different is Western fly rod was made out of willow and Tenkara was made out of Bamboo. Because the west develop the reel to extend the fly line. Both Tenkara and Western fly fishing are using the artificial fly and fishing line. As matter of fact, Tenkara does not use lead split shot or weight which is better for the environment.
PARR, GABRIEL M  December 01, 2014
adding Tenkara to the use list for fly fishing only waters is a no brainer. Add it to the definition.
STORY , ALEXANDER   December 01, 2014
Many of the ethics and reasons practiced by fly anglers are still in effect when using fixed line gear/Tenkara. I still adhere to a strong catch and release philosophy that still utilizes tippet material, and a single fly with a barbless hook that is presented on the surface or subsurface just as I would if I were using atypical western fly angling gear. If anything the minimalist nature of Tenkara angling is easier to grasp by beginning anglers. It is perceived as less intimidating to beginners because it uses less equipment. This draws more people into to activity of fly fishing. This can only be thought of as advantageous to the WDFW in that it fosters interest which can lead to a influx of people engaging in outdoor activities, but they are introduced via a method of fly angling and its culture which promotes awareness of conservation of our natural resources and environmental consequences.
FRICKE, KEVIN   December 01, 2014
I think Tenkara fishing should be legal due to the fact that the same flies and some of the same techniques are used just like traditional western fly fishing. This method also causes no more harm to the fishery than those already legal.
STEINWEG, NOLL   December 01, 2014
I think Washington should allow Tenkara on fly-fishing-only waters because Tenkara is the original form of fly-fishing. Tenkara is the lowest-impact form of fishing possible where only a rod, fixed length of line, and barbless fly are used. The Tenkara technique should be honored and allowed on fly-fishing-only waters. Heck, if you really want to protect fish in fly-only waters you might consider a Tenkara-only designation instead of fly-fishing-only!
HALL, VERLAN R  December 01, 2014
I am in favor of adding the practice of Tenkara fly fishing to the special regulation "Fly Fishing Only" waters. This method of fishing is the original form of fly fishing and offers no advantage to the angler over what is currently offered by "Western Fly Fishing".
GASSON, WALT   December 01, 2014
On behalf of Tenkara anglers, a growing community of conservation-oriented fly anglers nation-wide, I urge you to modify the definition of "fly fishing only" waters to include Tenkara fly fishing gear. This method of fishing is currently only excluded by virtue of the term "conventional fly line". With the growth of Tenkara in the US, we should be specifically including rather than excluding it, thereby bringing more Tenkara anglers into the sport in Washington.
HAMON, JERRY R  December 01, 2014
I have fly fished for years and in the last 3 years have added Tenkara style fly rods to my quiver. There is no reason whatsoever to exclude Tenkara style fishing from the fly fishing category. It is fly fishing without a fly reel.
FAHRENBRUCH, CHRIS   December 01, 2014
Tenkara is probably the oldest format of fly fishing. Western style fly fishing would probably not have existed without it. To state the rule in such a manner that excludes Tenkara is a travesty and completely disregards the heritage from which fly fishing came. Due to way fish are caught and landed using Tenkara, the amount of stress to the fish is actually reduced, when compared to western style. Some say that fly fishing is more of an art than just fishing. If that is so, then Tenkara is the masterpiece.
HUNT, CHRIS   December 01, 2014
Please ensure that Tenkara fly fishing is officially made legal in the state of Washington. It's a fine method of pursuit that has been used for centuries abroad. It's use in the U.S. ensures the continued movement toward low-impact and low mortality when it comes to fishing. Thank you.
BOOTH, LES   December 01, 2014
I have been a traditional Tenkara fly-fisherman and reel-n-rod fly-fisherman for nearly 50 years. Having studied and practiced both methods of fishing, there is nothing about Tenkara that makes it any less 'fly-fishing' than traditional Classic European methods. Tenkara has had a long-historical approach for pursuing fish with a fly-based lure for centuries; pre-dating classical European, reeled-line-on-rod fly-fishing methods. Bring the rules and regulations of Washington State up to par with all traditional, legal, ethical pursuits of game fish. Make the necessary wording changes and recognize the age-old tradition of Tenkara for what it is... another form of fly-fishing.
WOODS, ALLISON   December 01, 2014
I support allowing Tenkara fishing in fly-only waters. It's analagous to traditional fly fishing in its ethics and ethos. Thanks.
KIM, DAVID   December 01, 2014
I didn't even realize that Tenkara is illegal in WA. It is just like any other fly rod so this needs to be corrected in our regulations ASAP. All of the Tenakara anglers are catch-and-release so there is no legitimate reason to prohibit it in my humble opinion
OHKURA, MICHAEL   December 01, 2014
I strongly support Tenkara being used in fly fishing-only waters. In Japan, where my family is from, this is the primary method of "fly fishing" - using only a simple barb-free hook fly, and a line tied to a long rod. There is no environmental harm and the philosophy of Tenkara actually reinforces the idea of a "one-ness" with nature. The only difference between "conventional fly line" stated in the current definition and a "tenkara line" is the weight of the line ... conventional fly lines are much heavier, while Tenkara line is a light, thin line which is set in length (no adjustment mechanism like a reel on a conventional "western" fly fishing rod). I am in favor of Washington state's definition modification to include Tenkara in fly fishing. There is no other reason not to do so: Tenkara does NOT use multiple hooks, lines, or other methods to make catching fish "easier". It is what is thought of as "fly fishing" in Japanese waters with even more strict fishing regulations.
POVILAITIS, JOHN-PAUL   December 01, 2014
Please allow Tenkara fishing in Washington. Tenkara is basic as it gets when it comes to fishing. Rod, line and Fly. It is a great way to teach kids and everyone how to fish/fly fish. It is a excellent way to get more people involved with fishing, thus more license sales and more money for the state to put into conservation. Thanks for your time. Sincerely, Mr. John-Paul Povilaitis
DUKART , TOM   December 01, 2014
Tenkara is a great way to learn fly fishing. It focuses more on fly presentation and less on casting technique. I think it's good for the small stream fishing and the sport in general.
SEGELKE, TREVOR   December 01, 2014
I take regular vacations for fly fishing, and spend a lot of time fly fishing streams. I have had to avoid planning trips to WA, since Tenkara is not considered Fly Fishing. I am hoping that you would reconsider the definition to fly fishing, so I could plan a visit. I strictly practice Catch and Release, and my first interest is protecting our precious trout habitat and resources.
WO, SHAN   December 01, 2014
Please amend to include Tenkara, which is a form of fly fishing. Thank you.
ADAMS, ED   December 01, 2014
I think that this is a good change
MCDOWELL, TRAVIS   December 01, 2014
Tenkara is a simple method of Fly fishing and should be considered as such. I fish half of my time on a bamboo rod and half with Tenkara, I hate that when I am in state on business I can't fly fish whichever rod I choose. tm
WEIR, TERRENCE   December 01, 2014
Please consider tenkara as equal to fly fishing with respect to the rules. Tenkara anglers respect the rules and tread lightly. With minimal fly changes they leave less abandoned line than traditional fly fishermen. Thank you Terry Weir
SIMMS, RICH   December 01, 2014