Sportfishing Rule Changes for 2016-2017

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language (CR-103)
2016 Recreational Fishing Rules
Concise Explanatory Statement
Fish & Wildlife Commission
Meeting Dec. 11-12, 2015

2016 – 2017 Sportfishing Rule Proposals – Briefing and Public Hearing. Audio available.

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Puget Sound Coast Not Region Specific
Liberalize limits for Bass, Channel Catfish,
and Walleye in the Columbia River
and tributaries contiguous with Oregon

Reference ID: DFW952122-16

Public Rule Proposal Received

Reference ID: DFW952122-16
Recreational Opportunities      Submission Type: Public
Region: Coast
Species covered in proposed rule
 • Not species specific
Rule to Change:
Not able to use a fixed line or lead. (As in plunking)
New Rule Proposal:
Using a lead for salmon or steelhead (plunking) in the Willapa River is allowed.
Why the change is needed:
As a physically challenged or Senior person I am not able to stand and cast. Not being able to plunk or use a fixed lead takes a lot of people off the water and limits opportunity.
Names of individuals or groups with whom you have discussed this change:
Pacific County Anglers and Coastal Conservation Association Steve Theisfield at WDFW.
Describe their support and/or concerns:
Limiting Recreational Opportunities in fresh water for those that do not have boats!
Submitted by: JOHNSON, GARY  — RAYMOND, WA

Date submitted: 03/04/2015

WDFW Rule Proposal Recommendation

Not Recommended for further consideration     Reference ID: DFW952122-16

Short Title
Allow the use of plunking for Steelhead Trout in the Willapa River

Already have the anti-snagging rule in place. This proposal would cause unnecessary complexity. Stationary gear restrictions are only in limited locations in Willapa Bay and are used to deter unruly fisheries.


Public Testimony

No public testimony.

Online Public Comments  (1 comments)

ZABRISKIE, PETER N  October 29, 2015
No use of plunking is best, in my opinion.