Sportfishing Rule Changes for 2017-2018

View and comment on proposals that were submitted by the public and WDFW staff.

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Statewide marine waters
Coastal marine water
Puget Sound marine areas
Technical changes
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Statewide marine waters (27)

Reference ID#Short Title
DFW050140-17Allow rockfish retention
DFW057594-17No limit for shiner perch
DFW152335-17Allow use of cast net for herring in marine areas
DFW199814-17Allow rockfish retention
DFW232725-17Allow rockfish retention
DFW313215-17Allow rockfish retention
DFW363302-17Fee structure changes
DFW383925-17Separate licenses for salmon and bottomfish
DFW391040-17Barbless hooks only
DFW495412-17Forage fish limit measured by volume
DFW502037-17Allow 2-pole statewide
DFW507598-17Allow rockfish retention
DFW550813-17Allow rockfish retention
DFW572934-17Allow use of cast nets for forage fish in marine waters
DFW612691-17Allow rockfish retention
DFW644733-17Catch and release for sharks
DFW645026-17Allow rockfish retention
DFW655337-17Lingcod annual limit and lengthen season
DFW689536-17Sea-run cutthroat protection
DFW731256-17Remove maximum size limit for spearfishing lingcod and require a CRC
DFW789291-17No limit for shiner perch
DFW796690-17Extend Lingcod spearfishing season
DFW814155-17Allow rockfish retention
DFW863296-17Gear restrictions
DFW886796-17Cutthroat trout as part of daily limit
DFW905563-17Seasonal recreational catch limits
DFW977914-17Catch and release for sharks

Coastal marine waters (6)

Reference ID#Short Title
DFW163270-17Fishing license for smelt
DFW553211-17Allow 2-pole in coastal marine waters
DFW636123-17Increase razor clam limit
DFW743725-17Razor clam special permit by lottery
DFW816640-17Reduce black rockfish limit
DFW961134-17Dungeness Crab minimum size

Puget Sound marine areas (17)

Reference ID#Short Title
DFW094957-17Require operators of unregistered boats to complete catch record card after returning to shore.
DFW108235-17Allow 2-pole in Puget Sound
DFW132001-17Daily limit of unclassified marine invertebrates
DFW240662-17Daily limits for unclassified marine invertebrates
DFW326896-17Modify crab season.
DFW331524-17Allow retention of crab in soft shell condition.
DFW392233-17Changes to shrimp season
DFW425153-17Modify shrimp season
DFW489473-17Daily limits for unclassified marine invertebrates
DFW499043-17Allow 2-pole in Puget Sound
DFW557668-17Modify shrimp season
DFW684377-17Modify crab and shrimp seasons
DFW717303-17Modify crab season
DFW775421-17Increase daily limit for crab in Puget Sound
DFW913251-17Allow 2-pole in Puget Sound
DFW932845-17Sturgeon retention in Puget Sound
DFW961538-17Forage fish dip net gear allowed without a rigid handle

Marine Area 7 (1)

Reference ID#Short Title
DFW368192-17Increase daily limit for shrimp

Marine Area 8-1 (1)

Reference ID#Short Title
DFW729076-17Modifiy crabbing season

Marine Area 9 (1)

Reference ID#Short Title
DFW255441-17Lingcod retention season

Marine Area 12 (7)

Reference ID#Short Title
DFW056428-17Allow flatfish retention in Hood Canal
DFW379849-17Allow flatfish retention in Hood Canal
DFW432856-17Modify crab season
DFW530310-17Allow fishing for lingcod in Hood Canal
DFW754569-17Allow flatfish retention in Hood Canal
DFW877535-17Allow flatfish retention in Hood Canal
DFW977941-17Allow flatfish retention in Hood Canal

Marine Area 13 (2)

Reference ID#Short Title
DFW132471-17Reduce crab opener to 5 day/week to extend season.
DFW581659-17Open North Bay Access yearround