Petition: Green (Duwamish) River Tacoma Watershed closure area

This public comment period is now closed.

Short Description: This rule proposal would close a section of the Green river from Tacoma Municipal Watershed Boundary Marker (1.3 miles downstream of Tacoma Headworks Dam) to Friday Creek.

Explanation: The Department has received a petition to create a permanent fishing closure in the upper Green River in the Tacoma Municipal Watershed from the Tacoma Municipal Watershed Boundary Marker (approximately 1.3 miles downstream of the Tacoma Headworks Dam) to the Friday Creek confluence. This area of the Green River was closed to fishing in past years, but the Municipal Watershed was changed from “closed” to “open” for fishing during the rule simplification process. Public access within the municipal watershed is currently prohibited and anglers cannot legally walk to any part of the Green River that flows through the municipal watershed. Tacoma Public Utilities feels that a fishing closure would help reinforce the closed area around their watershed and reduce confusion among anglers.

For additional information, see the notice of proposed rule making