Viewing Chum Salmon
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Various chum salmon stocks spawn in Washington streams from August through March. The duration of spawning for individual streams, however, is typically much shorter; usually one to two months. The best time to view chum salmon in local streams is November and December, when the large runs of fall chum are spawning.

There are a number of visitor-friendly locations where chum salmon spawning (both wild and hatchery fish) can be observed. This page will identify a number of these locations, and will provide travel information and the best season for chum salmon viewing. The initial location will be the Kennedy Creek Salmon Trail in the Olympia area, with more locations to be added in the near future.

For spawning salmon viewing opportunities on the Kitsap Peninsula (Western Puget Sound), the Kitsap Sun provides a useful map complete with videos of local spawning streams: Kitsap Peninsula Salmon Watching