Recreational Salmon Fishing
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Helpful Links

With the proliferation of the internet in recent years, numerous websites have been created than can be useful to salmon anglers. WDFW does not endorse any of these websites, but we recognize that anglers may find them useful.

Fishing Chat Boards
Chat boards are a good source of current information on which areas are producing fish. They can also be helpful for novice anglers that want to learn from more experienced anglers who are willing to share their knowledge. However, anglers can post whatever they want on these boards and no one is checking them for accuracy. Whether in a boat or on a chat board, many anglers like to embellish their results, so take what you learn on chat boards with a grain of salt.

Learning Sites
There are a number of excellent websites that provide instruction on fishing techniques unique to salmon fishing in the northwest.

Fishing Organizations
Joining a local fishing organization is a great way to meet other anglers, learn from expert speakers, and experience new types of fishing. The following organizations have been active in northwest salmon fishing for many years.

Weather Forecasts, Wave Conditions, Tide Predictions, River Levels
Before driving halfway across the state, it’s always a good idea to check the weather, tides, wave heights, and/or river levels of the places you want to fish. These links are very helpful for planning your weekend trip and ensuring that you can fish effectively and safely.

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