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Interactive map to find your shellfish beach before you go harvesting.
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Things to do, Places to stay

Map of Razor Clam BeachesWashington’s five razor clam beaches are beloved by travelers from around our state and beyond. Healthy clam stocks, ample digging opportunities and gorgeous ocean beaches combine to sometimes attract tens of thousands of diggers during a single weekend day. Coastal communities close to digging beaches depend on tourism revenue generated from razor clam digs, so they offer a range of lodging, dining, and entertainment options to satisfy visitors. The links below put diggers in contact with local municipalities and tourism agencies who can offer specific information to help plan a visit.

Long Beach
Extends from the Columbia River to Leadbetter Point.

Twin Harbors Beach
Extends from the mouth of Willapa Bay north to the south jetty at the mouth of Grays Harbor.

Copalis Beach
Extends from the Grays Harbor north jetty to the Copalis River, and includes the Copalis, Ocean Shores, Oyhut, Ocean City and Copalis areas.

Mocrocks Beach
Extends from the Copalis River to the southern boundary of the Quinault Reservation near the Moclips River, including Iron Springs, Roosevelt Beach, Seabrook, Pacific Beach and Moclips.

Kalaloch Beach (Closed to harvest until further notice)
Extends from the South Beach Campground to Brown’s Point (just south of Beach Trail 3) in the Olympic National Park.