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How to Harvest Shrimp

Shrimpers in Puget Sound use pots of various sizes and designs. Pots are normally constructed with two or four entrance tunnels sloping gently inward to a circular opening of about three inches in diameter. Shrimp pots are available at many sporting goods stores, though many shrimpers choose to make their own.

Whether you choose to buy or build your own pot, see the Statewide Gear Rules for restrictions on pot design and mesh size.

Canned fish-flavored cat food is the most popular bait used for shrimping in Puget Sound. Baits such as fresh or frozen fish (whole or ground), clams, and oysters are also used with some success. Cat food cans should be punctured on both sides and ends and placed in the pot as bait. Cat food and other baits may also be placed in bait containers and secured to the bottom of the pot between the entrance tunnels.