Regional Fisheries Enhancement Groups (RFEG)

The Washington State Legislature in 1990 created the Regional Fisheries Enhancement Group (RFEG) Program (RCW 77.95) to involve Washington’s citizens in the enhancement and recovery of Washington’s salmon and steelhead and their habitats.

The RFEG program consists of 14 sanctioned non-profit community-based organizations, with program support provided by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. Each RFEG works within a specific geographic region based generally on watershed boundaries, but shares the common goal of enhancing salmonid populations and habitat in their regions and leveraging contributions and support from local communities. RFEG project work includes activities such as habitat restoration, fish-passage barrier removal, salmon production, and education and outreach.

Revenue Source(s)
The enabling legislation earmarked a portion of recreational and commercial salmon fishing license fees for funding the RFEG Program. The program also receives federal grants that are administered by WDFW. These state and federal funds are divided equally among the 14 RFEGs. Additionally, each RFEG seeks other local, state, federal, and private funding opportunities.

Eligible Grant Recipients
Only the 14 Regional Fisheries Enhancement Groups identified in WAC 220-140-020 are eligible for funding.

Grant Contact Information
Dianne Ludwig (360) 902-2252

See the RFEG website for more information including annual accomplishments and reports.