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Hatchery and Genetic Management Plans (HGMPs)
for WDFW Hatchery Programs

Columbia River HGMP's

The plans describe the operation of those hatchery programs in the Columbia River and the potential effects of the programs on wild fish species, including salmon and steelhead, that are protected by the federal Endangered Species Act (ESA). WDFW has updated the draft HGMPs for the Columbia River to better reflect current efforts to protect and restore wild salmon and steelhead populations. These draft HGMPs were posted for 30-day public comment periods. The finalized HGMPs have been forwarded to NOAA Fisheries, the federal agency responsible for implementing the ESA.

  • No HGMPs are currently available for public comment

Columbia River HGMPs Previously Submitted for 30-day Public Review

Lower Columbia River HGMPs (October 2014)

Cowlitz River HGMPs (September 2014)

Mid-Columbia HGMP

Lower Columbia River HGMPs (September 2014)

Lewis River HGMPs (July 2014)

Lower Columbia River HGMPs (June 2013)