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  1. If I harvest game or fish on an Indian reservation what state rules apply when I leave tribal lands?
    You must obtain an official record from the tribe showing the game or fish harvested, location of harvest, date of harvest, and authority given to you by the tribe to do so. Game (excluding waterfowl) or fish harvested on tribal lands do not count towards your off-reservation bag/catch or posse ...
  2. How do I get permission to hunt or fish on an Indian reservation?
    Some tribes allow hunting and fishing by non-tribal members on their reservations, and some do not. It is a violation of federal law to hunt or fish on tribal lands without permission. Before hunting or fishing on an Indian reservation, contact the tribe for the necessary permits and rules and ...
  3. Can I fish the Rufus Woods Reservoir (above Chief Joseph Dam) and Roosevelt Lake Reservoir (above Grand Coulee Dam) with a Washington fishing license?
    On Lake Rufus Woods and in marked Designated Fishing Areas on the reservation (north) shoreline of the lake, anglers may fish with either a Washington license or a Colville tribal license. On Lake Roosevelt, a Colville fishing license is required by the tribe within their reservation boundaries ...