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  1. How can I submit my big game or turkey hunter reports?
    Hunter reports can be submitted either online at https://fishhunt.dfw.wa.gov/ or by phone at 1-877-945-3492. WDFW recently switched to a new online licensing system, which can be found at the link above. Hunters will need to create an account with a user name and password before they are able t ...
  2. How do I submit my hunter report if my special permit hunt dates overlap the general season?
    Please do not double report your hunting activity. You want to report your harvest only under the correct category. For example, if your deer special permit overlaps the general season dates for the same Game Management Unit (GMU), you will have opportunity to harvest under either category (you ...
  3. Why did I receive a notice from WDFW to complete my hunter reports when I already completed all my reports?
    There are several reasons this might have occurred. The three most common reasons are: 1. You completed your report after we created the notice. Check the date of the notice to verify. 2. Your report did not go through correctly. 3. Another hunter uses the same email address. You can v ...
  4. Can I mail or email my Big Game hunter reports?
    You must submit big game hunter reports either online at https://fishhunt.dfw.wa.gov or by phone at 1-877-945-3492. Do not mail or email your big game hunter reports, as they will not be accepted and you will be assessed a $10 administrative fee.
  5. How can I check my hunter reports?
    You can check your hunter report information at https://fishhunt.dfw.wa.gov If successful, you will see the report listed under the 'reported' section with a date and time stamp. After reporting successfully, you will receive a confirmation number. Keep this confirmation number written down an ...
  6. Do I need to report my Migratory Bird harvest?
    You must report your Migratory Bird harvest even if you did not hunt. You must report band-tailed pigeon, brant, sea duck, and snow goose harvest cards by deadline dates either online at https://fishhunt.dfw.wa.gov or by mail to: WDFW Waterfowl Section 600 Capitol Way N Olympia, WA 98501 If yo ...
  7. Why do I have multiple hunter reports due for some species?
    You must report on each Special Permit and each additional tag purchased. This results in multiple reports for certain species. For example, if you drew both a quality deer and second deer special permit, you would owe hunter reports for your general season deer tag, the quality deer special pe ...
  8. Why do I not see all of my transport tags listed when trying to submit my hunter reports?
    There are several reasons this might be the case, but the most common include: You bought a hunting package, but did not pick up your transport tag. You have more than one WILD ID number in the system and you purchased your transport tags under a second number. For assistance in fixing this, ...
  9. How do I challenge the hunter report fee?
    If you believe you have been assessed the hunter report administrative fee in error, please contact the WDFW Licensing Division by email at licensing@dfw.wa.gov or by phone at (360) 902-2464.
  10. Why did the system not find my record when I tried to report?
    There are a number of reasons this might occur. The most common error is the result of information being entered incorrectly at the point of license sale. If you find a mistake in your information, submit your hunter report by logging in with the incorrect information on your license. When you ...
  11. If I hunt in a deer or elk area, what location do I submit for my hunter report?
    You would report the Game Management Unit (GMU) number where the deer or elk area is located. Use the GoHunt mapping tool to help figure out the GMU. If you need additional assistance with hunter reporting, contact the Wildlife Program by email at wildthing@dfw.wa.gov or by phone at (360) 902-2515.
  12. Why do I need to submit a hunter report?
    Hunter reports allow the Wildlife Program to receive harvest information from the previous season's hunting activity. This information is important for collecting data, developing preliminary reports and season recommendations, and providing data to WDFW biologists across the state so they can ...
  13. Why impose a fee for failure to report?
    The hunter report adminstrative fee is used to encourage hunter reporting. Hunter reports are important for collecting data, developing preliminary reports, and providing information to WDFW biologists across the state so they can prepare for setting permit levels for the coming hunting season. ...
  14. If I did not hunt, do I need to submit a hunter report?
    You must submit a hunter report even if you did not hunt. Failing to report by the deadline date of January 31 will result in a $10 administrative fee.
  15. If I paid the hunter report fee would I still need to submit a report?
    You will not be able to submit a report after the deadline date. If you pay the hunter report administrative fee, you have missed the deadline and are no longer required to report for that season's hunting activity. WDFW encourages you to report on all future hunting activity because it is impo ...
  16. If I made a mistake with my hunter report, how can I fix it?
    If you made a mistake on your hunter report, contact the Wildlife Program before the deadline date so your report information can be adjusted. You can reach the Wildlife Program at wildthing@dfw.wa.gov or by phone at (360) 902-2515.
  17. Why does the hunter report system not have a spot to submit my cougar report?
    Cougar reports are conducted differently than other big game because the cougar season runs through the calendar year (when other reports are typically due) and a cougar carcass check is required. All successful cougar hunters must contact a WDFW office within 72 hours of harvest to schedule a ...
  18. My special permit hunt extends beyond the January 31 deadline. When do I need to submit that hunter report?
    If you drew a special hunt that extends beyond the January 31 deadline, you must report your hunting activity for that hunt within ten days of the close of that season. You will still need to submit reports for all your other hunts by the deadline date.
  19. Can I submit my hunter report after the deadline?
    You cannot report after the deadline. The deadline is important in order to give WDFW time to collate the data, develop preliminary reports, and provide the information to department biologists across the state so they can prepare for setting permit levels for the coming hunting season. These p ...