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  1. How do I find out if my volunteer project will get credit?
    See “Wildlife Conservation Volunteer Activities” on the Master Hunter Permit Program website. This site describes acceptable projects, summarizes pre-approved project types, and lists many available and ongoing projects statewide. It also describes the registration and forms require ...
  2. How can I apply to become a master hunter, and what is involved?
    See the WDFW Master Hunter Permit Program website. This website describes the application process, qualifications, and requirements in great detail. The open registration period normally begins January 1 of each year, but length varies, so submitting your application early is recommended. Howev ...
  3. Do I have to attend applicant orientation meetings?
    Master hunter permit applicants do not currently have to attend applicant orientation meetings. There have not been many orientation meetings held in the state during the open enrollment period, so it would be too difficult for all applicants to attend. If and when such meetings are held within ...