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  1. How can I propose changes to current hunting equipment restrictions?
    Information for proposed changes is available on the WDFW website at http://wdfw.wa.gov/about/regulations/. WDFW offers several formal and informal ways to provide input or to communicate on proposed rules. Input is accepted by WDFW throughout the rule-making process and during the actual rule- ...
  2. Can I use an electronic scope with illuminated cross hairs while hunting during a modern firearm season?
    As long as the electronic scope doesn’t project a beam onto the target or use infrared technology, it is legal to use while hunting during a modern firearm season. "Red dot" scopes that have a red dot in the middle of the sight but do not project a beam onto the target are permissable to ...
  3. Is it legal to use the hood of my vehicle as a rest while sighting-in my rifle or aiming at an animal?
    You may use the hood of your vehicle as a rest as long as the engine is turned off and the motor vehicle is not parked on or beside the maintained portion of a public road. This does not apply to off-road vehicles, which are unlawful to use for hunting under RCW 46.09.480, unless the person has ...
  4. How are firearm restriction areas created, and how do they differ from a no shooting zone?
    Firearm restriction areas are established by the Fish and Wildlife Commission. See the Fire Restriction Area of the Big Game Hunting Seasons & Regulations pamphlet for more details about fire restriction areas within Washington State. No shooting zones prohibit the discharge of a firearm o ...
  5. I am a successful hunter and have killed deer in other states with a .223 caliber rifle. Why can't I use my .223 to hunt deer in Washington State?
    Big game, except cougar, must be hunted with a minimum of .24 caliber (6mm) centerfire rifle. Cougar may be hunted with a .22 caliber centerfire rifle. Rimfire rifles are not legal for big game. In Washington, with the exception of cougar, a .24 caliber rifle is legal for all big game, includi ...
  6. My wild turkey shotgun will hold only three 3 ½ inch magnum shells but will hold four 2 ¾ inch shells. Will I be cited for not having a plug in my gun in violation of the 3-shell rule?
    It is likely you would be cited if you are in possession of more than three 2 ¾ inch shells while in the field at the time of contact--see WAC 232-12-047 for reference.
  7. Is a .410 legal for hunting game birds in Washington?
    Even though a .410 is measured in caliber, not gauge, it is considered a shotgun and is legal to use while hunting game birds in Washington. A .410 is smaller than a 20-gauge shotgun. It is unlawful to hunt game birds with a shotgun larger than a 10-gauge (WAC 232-12-047). Game birds cannot b ...
  8. Can I use two-way radios while hunting?
    There is currently no prohibition on using two-way radios to hunt in Washington. However, if radios are used for location of or herding of game, there may be a question of ethics involved. It is illegal to use radio-telemetry equipment to locate and hunt wildlife with transmitters attached to ...
  9. Is it legal to use pellet guns, air guns, or sling shots to harvest game birds?
    In Washington it is against the law to hunt game birds and game animals using anything other than a firearm (rifle, shotgun, handgun, muzzleloading firearm), a bow and arrow, crossbow, or by falconry.
  10. If I'm hunting in a WDFW Wildlife Area for wild turkey or forest grouse, do I need to use nontoxic shot?
    It depends upon which Wildlife Area and/or portion of the Wildlife Area are being hunted. See WAC 232-12-068 and the Migratory Waterfowl & Upland Game Season pamphlet to determine whether nontoxic shot regulations apply to the hunting of wildlife on the Wildlife Area you plan to hunt. More ...
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