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  1. Do I need to buy a hunting license if I am submitting Points Option as my special permit hunt choice?
    You must buy the appropriate hunting license to apply for deer, elk, bear, or turkey special permits. This includes submitting the Points Option hunt choice. You do not need to buy a hunting license to apply for mountain goat, moose, bighorn sheep, Multi-Season deer, or Multi-Season elk special ...
  2. What happens if I draw more than one special permit for the same species in the same license year?
    Your points in each special permit category you drew will go to zero. You can hunt each special permit, as well as the available general season, but you must stop hunting once you reach your bag limit. Drawing more than one special permit for the same species does not increase your bag limit (e ...
  3. Do I lose all of my special permit points for that species when I draw a special permit?
    You only lose points in the category you drew. Your other points for that species will carry over. For example, if you draw an Antlerless Deer special permit, you will only lose your Antlerless Deer points. Your points in other deer categories carry over to the next year's drawing.
  4. Can I get a refund if I drew a special permit and three days into the season I become very dissatisfied for whatever reason? Can I get my special permit points back?
    You cannot get a refund or get your special permit points back for this reason. If you need additional assistance with refunds, contact the WDFW Licensing Division online at licensing@dfw.wa.gov or by phone at (360) 902-2464. For additional assistance with the special permit points system, con ...
  5. If I drew a special permit last year, can I apply for that same category again?
    You can apply for most special permits year after year. However, you cannot apply for the Any Moose, Any Ram (bighorn sheep), or Mountain Goat special permits year after year if you harvested or failed to provide a hunter report under one of the permits. For mountain goats, you can apply again ...
  6. Will I lose all my special permit points if I do not buy an application this year?
    Points do not go away or back to zero unless you draw a special permit. They never expire, and points will not be lost if an applicant does not buy or apply each year. Please keep in mind that the only way to gain points is to apply for each category in which you want to build those points. You ...
  7. Do I build up one point for each hunt choice I select on my special permit application?
    You earn one point for each application you buy. Whether you submit one hunt choice or four hunt choices, you still earn one point. You can buy one application for each category each year. If you draw a permit, your points in that category return to zero.
  8. Is there a maximum number of special permit points a person can hold in any category?
    There is no maximum number of special permit points a person can hold in any category. Points will continue to build until an application for that category is drawn, in which case the points will go back to zero. You earn one point for each special permit application you buy. You can purchase on ...
  9. How do special permit hunt choices work?
    The system starts with your first hunt choice and works down your list. If the system has no permits available for any of your hunt choices, your application earns a point and the system moves on to the next application. You get the option to apply for up to four hunt choices. You will have to ...
  10. If I want to submit a bighorn sheep, mountain goat, or moose special permit, do I need to buy a hunting license and tag first?
    You can wait to purchase a bighorn sheep, mountain goat, or moose license and tag until you are drawn for a special permit. You can submit a special permit application for any of those three species without purchasing a general season license and tag. If drawn for one of the special permits, yo ...
  11. Can I buy a second deer tag and use it for the general season to harvest a second deer?
    A second deer tag is only available through a second deer special permit hunt. You will first have to enter into a second deer special permit drawing. If selected for a second deer special permit, you will be able to purchase a second deer tag and harvest a second deer. Second deer tags are not ...
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