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Do the requirements for "Transporting Game or Portions of Meat Taken by Somebody Else" apply to processed fish and game meat that is given away?

  • Yes. A good thing to do is to prepare a generic written transport/transfer slip and leave the portion blank for the person receiving the game or fish meat/product. Then, when you give some of the processed fish or game away as gifts, you can make duplicates of the generic form and fill in the date of the transfer and the name of the person you’re giving it to. See WAC 232-12-061 and WAC 232-12-077.
  • You may possess a deer or elk, or parts thereof, that someone else has legally harvested and tagged, if he/she has provided you with a written statement showing his/her name, address, license, permit or tag number, the number and kind of animal provided, the date killed, the county and area it was taken in, your name, the date of the gift/transfer, and the hunter’s signature.

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