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Why do I have to give my Social Security Number (SSN)?

A federal law, 42 USC Chapter 7, Subchapter IV, Part D, Sec. 666(a)(13), was enacted in 1996 to improve the effectiveness of child-support enforcement throughout the U.S. The law requires Social Security Numbers to be recorded for "any applicant for a professional license, driver's license, occupational license, recreational license or marriage license."

This allows states to withhold or suspend driver’s licenses, professional and occupational licenses, hunting and fishing licenses, and other types of recreational and sporting licenses of individuals owing overdue child support or failing, after receiving appropriate notice, to comply with subpoenas or warrants relating to paternity or child-support proceedings.  In Washington, WDFW revokes the licenses and suspends the hunting, fishing, and trapping privileges of any person who is non-compliant with child support.

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