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How do I submit my hunter report if my special permit hunt dates overlap the general season?

Please do not double report your hunting activity. You want to report your harvest only under the correct category.

For example, if your deer special permit overlaps the general season dates for the same Game Management Unit (GMU), you will have opportunity to harvest under either category (your special permit or the general season). If you harvest a deer under the special permit restrictions, you will want to report that harvest under the special permit category. To report your general season activity, you would enter that you did not hunt.

If you were to harvest under the general season rules, you would report under the general season category and say that you did not hunt under the special permit.

You can report hunting activity online at https://fishhunt.dfw.wa.gov/ or by phone at 1-877-945-3492.

If you need any assistance or have more questions regarding hunter reporting, contact the Wildlife Program by email at wildthing@dfw.wa.gov or by phone at (360) 902-2515.

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