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What is the Hunt by Reservation system?

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife’s Hunt by Reservation system was released as an online application on Friday, April 12, 2013. It allows hunters to make a reservation on select sites under contract with private landowners and some WDFW-owned lands managed as quality hunting areas.

Many hunters requested a system like this to provide a higher quality hunting experience on a limited basis. On each site, hunter numbers are limited from one to a few hunters at a time to reduce crowding and create a higher quality experience. In most cases, hunters do not have to contact the landowner in advance.

Some reservation opportunities are for individuals and others allow group reservations. All hunters must have a valid WILD ID number and an active Hunt by Reservation account in order to be eligible to participate in any of the reservation hunts. Once a hunter successfully makes a reservation, he or she will be able to print a permit. Each hunter’s name must be listed on the permit.

Hunters must agree to all of the rules of the reservation system and those for the individual site they will be hunting. General information and rules for each site are available on the WDFW website. They are based in part on landowner preference.

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