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What is "an established shooting range authorized by the governing body of the jurisdiction in which the range is located?"

The initiative’s requirement that a shooting range be “established” in order for the exemption to apply likely requires that the shooting range includes some infrastructure or facilities, or some formal action to indicate that the person or entity who owns or controls the property intended to authorize its use as a shooting range. In contrast, areas on WDFW property that include no constructed indicia of authorization, but where no regulation would specifically prohibit use as a shooting area, would not constitute an “established shooting range” under the initiative.

The requirement that the shooting range be “authorized by the governing body of the jurisdiction in which the range is located” requires that if the shooting range is on government property, that the responsible governmental entity has authorized such use. Further, it requires that the shooting range (whether on governmental property or private property) operate consistent with applicable local land use requirements and that any required local permits have been obtained.

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