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How do I report a poacher?

  • If your report deals with poaching in progress, dial 911 and ask to be put in contact with the nearest on-duty Fish and Wildlife Officer.  DO NOT confront the poacher or disturb the crime scene. Time is of the essence so use your cell phone if you have coverage.
  • If your report deals with poaching that is not of an emergency nature, and you wish to leave a confidential message or receive a follow-up phone call, call the WDFW “Turn in a Poacher” (TIP) line at 1-877-933-9847.
  • You may also report non-emergency poaching online at http://wdfw.wa.gov/poaching/, or via e-mail at REPORTPOACHING@DFW.WA.GOV.  Please provide this information when you call or e-mail us:
    • Your name (as the reporting party)
    • Your phone number
    • The type of poaching (fish/deer/elk/etc.)
    • Date/time of incident
    • Location where poaching occurred
    • Activity that occurred (shooting, snagging, etc.)
    • Suspect vehicle involved (make, model, year, color, license number)
    • Suspect description (gender, age, ethnicity, clothing, etc.)
  • If you TEXT YOUR TIP anonymously to WDFW:
    • Start a text message on your phone. On the first line of the message, type WDFWTIP. Then add a space and type in the tip information.  Example: “WDFWTIP Two bull elk killed by one hunter in Dayton GMU, near Griffin Peak on USFS, right now, standing by.”
    • Then, from the phone’s menu, select “SEND TO:” and type in 847411 (TIP411). Then press “Send.”
    • The text message is sent to a special computer server that will mask your identity and assign an alias. WDFW has no way of determining the reporting party’s identity but can communicate through the TIP411 service, if necessary.  

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