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Field Trial Permit

Please remit fees with application and all relevant documents to Regional office where the field trial is being held.

Any organized “Hunting Dog,” “Retriever,” “Versatile Dog,” or “Tracking Dog,” activity in which participants are in competition with one another for cash awards, trophies, citations, or any other prizes or receive scores for their dog’s performance.


  • Non refundable application fee:  $70.00
  • Permit fee:  $24.00

You need a field trial permit if:

  • The field trial will be on WDFW lands or,
  • If live wildlife will be used (examples: pheasant, duck, rabbit, raccoon)

If you are holding a field trial that is on WDFW land you will need:

  • A field trial permit.
  • A Temporary Land Use Permit ($50.00)

It is unlawful to hold field trials for hunting dogs during the months of April, May, June, and July unless permitted by WDFW.

Applications for a field trial permit must be filed with the department at least thirty days before the proposed field trial date.

Birds used for field trials must be marked prior to release.
Please contact the Department of Fish and Wildlife at 360-902-2515 to purchase bands (15 cents apiece in lots of 100).

Applicable laws and rules: