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Tips and Reminders for Hunting in Elk Area 3911

This information is to assist Master Hunters who are interested in hunting the eastern edge of the 3911 elk area in Kittitas county. The 3911 unit is atypical of most sport hunting opportunities. The unit is designed as a damage prevention hunt to assist landowners with the control of problem elk. Elk will be found primarily on private land where landowner permission is required. Although much of the area can be scouted from public roads, hunters may need to spend significant time on the ground to learn access points and property boundaries. Not all landowners welcome Master Hunters with open arms, especially if elk are not currently a problem. It falls on you, the Master Hunter, to display the highest ethical standards and develop personal relationships with private landowners to open up opportunities for yourself and other Master Hunters. Refer to the official boundary descriptions in the Big Game Hunting Seasons and Regulations Pamphlet.

2015 Boundary Change

2015 Elk Area 3911 Boundary Change Map
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Elk Area 3911 Second Elk Transport tags must be purchased from Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) Licensing Division. Call 1-866-246-9453 between 7:30 am and 4:30 pm.

Helpful hints

  • Visit this website for updates on current elk activity
  • Daytime temperatures in August and September can be extreme. Plan accordingly and bring sufficient coolers with ice
  • Outside the Parke Creek area, periodic elk problems also occur in Badger Pocket, Reecer Creek, Coleman Canyon. In the upper county, check Teanaway Valley, Upper Peoh Point and Lookout Mountain
  • If you plan to donate your elk to someone, or have someone else transport your elk, provide a written statement showing: your name, address, license, permit or tag number, the number and kind of animal provided, the date harvested, county, and area where taken, and the hunter’s signature.


Promptly report the illegal activities of others hunting the area. Call State Patrol Dispatch Center at 509-925-5303 and ask for a wildlife officer or 877-WDFW-TIP

  • Always be cognizant of how elk will respond when shot at. Try to push animals away from croplands and out of the 3911 unit.
  • If in doubt about boundaries or ownership, do not proceed until you are sure.
  • Consider fulfilling your re-certification hours by assisting landowners with fence repair and construction. Such assistance may help secure access in the future.
  • The 3911 unit provides many challenges for Master Hunters. Hunting activity is highly visible to landowners and the general public. Careful consideration must be taken of nearby houses and roads, prior to each shot.
  • WDFW enforcement officers frequently patrol the area, you should expect to be contacted.