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Raffle Results

Check Your 2017 Raffle Tickets

Look up all of your raffle tickets online by going to https://fishhunt.dfw.wa.gov/#/species/customer/raffle/view and tapping the big yellow button labeled "Click here to check your numbers".

2017 Raffle Winners

Raffle Winning Ticket
Moose 34817
Moose 13573
Goat 23615
Elk Eastern 307
Elk Western 19155
Black Tailed Deer 27057
Mule Deer 36823
Whitetail Deer 1299
Three Deer 4737
Northeast WA 26055
South Central WA 15800
Southeast WA 12855
North Central WA 3509


Please contact Licensing 360-902-2464 or licensing@dfw.wa.gov with any questions about the raffle results.