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2015-2017 Hunting Season Setting

Bear and Cougar Seasons and Regulations  (See WAC changes 15-04-085)

Deer and Elk Seasons and Regulations  (See WAC changes 15-04-098)

Equipment Requirements, GMU Boundaries and Importation and Retention of Dead Nonresident Wildlife  (See WAC changes 15-04-086)

Game Reserves and Other Migratory Bird Hunting Regulations   (See WAC changes 15-04-099)

Game Reserves

Migratory Bird Hunting Regulations

Hunter Orange, Multi-Season Big Game Permits and Reduced Rate Combo Elk License  (See WAC changes 15-04-088)

Hunter Orange Clothing Requirements

Multiple season big game permits and Reduced Rate Combo elk hunting license

Landowner Hunting Permits  (See WAC changes 15-04-114)

Landowner Hunting Permits

Mountain goat, bighorn sheep, and moose permits and regulations  (See WAC changes 15-04-089)

Small Game, Hunting Restrictions, and Trapping  (See WAC changes 15-04-090)