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Beaver swimming in a pond.
Photo by Ginger Holser

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Beaver Management

Beaver reports track nuisance beaver activity, beaver trapping, and beaver relocations reported to the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Per RCW 77.36.160, data will be updated quarterly and posted as additional reports are received. Trapper reports of catch and Wildlife Control Operator (WCO) reports are submitted annually, and these data will become available after the reporting deadlines each year.

A license year runs from April to March of the following year.

License Year Beaver Relocations Beaver Take
Nuisance Removal Recreational Harvest Total Beaver Take
2014 119 1,470 1,302 2,772
2015 127 1,492 1,099 2,591
2016 83 1,743 682 2,425
2017 84 1,521 810 2,331
2018 11 765   765
*Updated January 2019

Beaver relocations are as reported by WCOs, special trapping permit holders, or WDFW staff. The relocations indicated above were permitted by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW). No beaver relocations are allowed unless by special permit from WDFW.

Beaver take includes nuisance removals as reported by WCOs, special trapping permit holders, and recreational harvest as reported on the trapper reports of catch. Complaint response is the proportion of the recreational beaver harvest taken in response to complaints from landowners or other concerned parties.