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Men holding geeseTypes of Ducks

Geese (including brant)

Geese (including brant) are the big-game species of waterfowl hunting, and the Evergreen State offers several species and subspecies, an abundance of birds, liberal seasons and lots of hunting opportunity.

The Canada goose is Washington’s most common and most popular goose species. Found on both sides of the Cascades, Canada geese provide exciting hunting opportunities throughout the long fall and early winter season.  Washington has several varieties of Canada geese that vary greatly in size, coloration and abundance.

Large numbers of snow geese migrate into and through Washington from mid-fall through mid-winter, providing excellent shooting opportunity in some areas, most notably in western Skagit and Snohomish counties. Adults are pure white with black wing tips, making them easily identifiable.

Brant provide an exciting but limited hunting opportunity in the marine waters of Skagit and Pacific counties. Most brant of the West Coast are darker than those on the east side of the country, and are commonly referred to as black brant.  A smaller population of “gray-bellied” brant winter in Skagit County.

Geese in flight at Wells Wildlife Area  Snow geese