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Taking Care of Your Harvested Waterfowl

Once the day is over and you have had a successful hunt that includes a bag of ducks and/or geese, a tasty treat is ahead for you, if you take the proper steps to care for your game.  Turning to the Internet, we found some great tips from across the country on cleaning and cooking waterfowl.

Game Meat Safety

Harvesting your own game meat can be a satisfying way to provide your family with all-natural, wholesome, and flavorful food.  However, in contrast to domestically-raised poultry and livestock, wild game animals receive no veterinary care; their meat is not inspected before and after harvest; and butchering and processing often take place under less than ideal conditions. Learn more >>

Cooking Recipes

Teresa Marrone is author of Dressing and Cooking Wild Game and other cookbooks.  She writes of her experiences in cooking the various types of waterfowl for the Minnesota Conservation Volunteer magazine.

If you prefer whole duck or goose to cook, eHow Food provides step-by step instructions on How to Clean and Pluck a Fresh Duck.  Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see additional articles on preparing your bag for the table.

Duck with figs, duck gumbo, turducken?  See the Food Network for creative, healthy recipes for waterfowl on your dining room table.

Duck as an appetizer, soup, main course or salad, check out Easy Duck Recipes from Maple Leaf Farms.

Is a Christmas goose something you have always dreamed of?  Look at this Super Crispy Roasted Goose recipe from shares pages of recipes for duck and goose taste delights. lists 14 pages of duck recipes, from Vietnamese duck soup to tagliatelle with duck ragu.


Cleaning Tips from Delta Waterfowl President, Ron Olson

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