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Duck taking offLinks to Additional Information

The internet contains a remarkable wealth of information on any and every subject, including waterfowl hunting.  We collected some that we thought you might find interesting.  Check them out, but be sure to use your “Back” button to get back here!  (Note:  This does not constitute an endorsement for any product or message contained within the sites.)

Almost 14,000 Washington duck hunters are members of Ducks Unlimited (DU), one of the nation’s largest and most active wetlands conservation organizations.  Raising over $1.1 million so far this year, and conserving over 58,000 acres of habitat, check out this organization for a chapter near you.  Washington Ducks Unlimited.

Another DU page maps the breeding grounds where Washington’s ducks nest.  Note the significance of the Prairie Potholes Region in north-central US, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Alberta.  Where Washington’s Ducks Come From.

While you are there, check out the Washington Wetlands Restoration Projects to get a glimpse of some of the work done in Washington.

Washington Waterfowl Association was founded in 1945 to preserve and enhance Washington’s waterfowl, wetlands and outdoor heritage.  Their mission is to preserve, protect and improve the sport of waterfowling, particularly in the state of Washington.

For an extensive collection of links to waterfowl hunting information across the country, see the Duck Hunter’s Refuge.

Duck Hunters provides opportunity to exchange stories with other hunters.

Extensive information on decoys, blinds and calling, go to Duck Hunters Resource Center.

For up-to-date news stories on waterfowl numbers and other news of interest to duck hunters, see  Be sure to check out their GIS real-time migration map.

Delta Waterfowl is home to a variety of videos, articles, photos and news about protecting waterfowl habitat.