Skagit Wildlife Area
Leque Island Unit
How to Get Here
Access Site #1
Driving Directions
From Interstate 5, take exit 212 and proceed west toward Stanwood on Highway 532. Continue west through Stanwood onto the Camano Gateway Bridge. Half-way over the bridge you will notice Eide Road on your left. It is not longer legal to make a left turn on to Eide Road, however continue west and you will see the Davis Slough Access (Leque Island West Side) parking lot on the left. You may park here or if you wish to park on Eide Road. Turn around then take 532 east bound until you have reached Eide Road. If you miss the Davis Slough turn keep driving west onto Camano Island turn left onto N Smith Road and turn around then take 532 east to Eide Road. Continue to the small parking area at the end of Eide Road.
Parking/Restroom Information
There is a small parking area and no restroom facilities.
Other Information
This Unit is closed during hours of darkness.
Leque Island Unit Map
Water Access Site
Leque Island Map
Unique Features
This is a popular site for pheasant hunting and waterfowl hunting, as well as wildlife watching and dog training. Agricultural fields are planted in barley, winter wheat and/or corn for wintering food resources for waterfowl and snow geese.