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Justin Haug
P.O. Box C
Loomis, WA 98827
(509) 223-3358

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Sinlahekin Wildlife Area
Photo Gallery & Videos

  • Photo Gallery
    Look here for Sinlahekin Wildlife Area photos by Justin Haug.
  • Sinlahekin Historical Photographs
    These historic and contemporary photos provide a "snapshot" of visual information about what has happened on the landscape in the Sinlahekin Valley over the last 90 plus years.


Sinlahekin butterflies
A former Intern on the Sinlahekin, Caitlin LaBar visits to photograph butterflies for a Sinlahekin butterfly atlas. In 2012 she documented a new species of butterfly for the Sinlahekin –   the Sonoran Skipper (Polites Sonora) --  bringing the total number of different species to 88. Photos and more information are at Caitlin’s blog,

Wildlife Area Tour
Dale Swedberg, Wildlife Area Manager, gives you a brief video tour on the types of activities and wildlife viewing opportunities available at the Sinlahekin Wildlife Area.

Bats of the Sinlahekin Wildlife Area
Eric Larsen, WDFW biologist, gives viewers great information about bats and shows how biologists capture, measure and record different types of bats throughout the state.