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Wells Wildlife Area
Wells Wildlife AreaThe Wells Wildlife Area in Okanogan and Douglas counties includes 8,200 acres managed in six units. WDFW acquired the Wells Wildlife Area from the Douglas County Public Utilities District No. 1 (PUD) in a 1974 wildlife mitigation agreement as part of the Wells Hydroelectric Project. WDFW also acquired lease rights to 1,550 acres of DNR land, and BLM allowed 180 acres to be included, in the Indian Dan Canyon unit.

The primary goal for the Wells Wildlife Area initially was to enhance and manage upland game habitat and recreation, but has since broadened to include more biodiversity management. Due to low precipitation and soil types, the predominant upland habitat types on the Wells Wildlife Area are shrub-steppe and steppe. Riparian vegetation is found along creek bottoms, lakes and springs.

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