Canadian Salmon Trip Notification

Salmon caught in Canadian marine waters

Anglers who plan to fish for salmon in Canadian marine waters and return in their boats with their catch to Washington are required to notify WDFW before leaving state waters.

Canada no longer provides U.S. anglers with a way to document their legally caught salmon in Canadian waters. In order to pass a dockside inspection upon their return to Washington, anglers need to complete the form below notifying WDFW of their plans to fish for salmon in Canadian waters.

The form should be filled out prior to departing for Canada. Anglers will receive an email confirmation that their trip information has been received.

Anglers are reminded that they may not catch their daily limit of salmon in both Canadian and Washington waters on the same day. Anglers with Canadian salmon in their possession may not fish in Washington marine waters unless it is legal to retain the fish caught in Canada in the area where fishing in Washington.

A Washington fishing license is not required to fish in Canada or to fill out the trip notification form. WILD ID can be used if the angler has had a Washington license and WILD ID number, but it is not required.


No more than three days after date in.
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